Sexual Harassment: Men Do Not Admit To Their Faults

Photo Courtesy / Women continuously express their disinterest in sexual acts.

By Cassandra Sedler

Staff Writer

Weeks after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, a multitude of sexual harassment instances committed by members of the media and politics have been brought forward.

Among those men accused include Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey, Senator Al Franken, Senate candidate Roy Moore, and the list goes on.

Each of these men held powerful positions and should be of high intelligence.

However, but it seems as though they were pursuing shared feelings, never realizing they crossed a line and offended the women involved.

Although most of the men have come to formally apologize, many have denied the allegations.

Others men have stated that although they are sorry, they had no idea the women felt disrespected.

Are these men truly that oblivious about what constitutes sexual harassment, especially in the workplace?

I will not under any circumstances buy into this idea that they were sincerely pure in their thoughts.

They are merely playing the innocent card to make them appear less sickening to the public and more importantly, secure their positions at their high paying jobs.

It shouldn’t be that difficult of a concept to understand and abide by

  However, the simple act of respecting women seems far-fetched for not all, but some men.

In direct response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the #Metoo campaign was launched on social media in an effort to raise awareness to the victims of sexual harassment, no matter the severity of the situation.

Those who have been sexually harassed in any way, and within any environment tweeted the hashtag,

“Metoo,” in solidarity with the thousands of others across the nation who have also been victims to sexual harassment or assault.

The magnitude of women who have been sexually harassed came as a shock to some men with the #Metoo campaign on social media.

But for most women, the number of other females who shared similar experiences of sexual harassment sadly came as no surprise, but with the territory of their professions.

Sexual harassment should be unacceptable across all domains, especially in today’s society where the idea that men are innately superior.

Also, the dominate over women should be old fashioned.

Unfortunately, this problem is rampant, too long tolerated, and an insufferable reality that must be changed.

The movement among celebrities to oust the higher ups in Hollywood is applaudable, but we need to be more vocal against sexual harassment within the common workforce that is committed by and against those who aren’t famous.

Within the past couple of months, the issue of sexual harassment, particularly in the workforce, has been of primary focus across a multitude of social and mainstream medias alike.

The viral campaign on social media probably won’t insight a pivotal societal change, but with the equal effort in the actions of the people in society, perhaps a major shift is possible.

The recognition of the prevalent issue will also provide women with a sense of security, knowing they can come forward to report predators without the fear of backlash against themselves or consequences within their own hard-earned careers.

Considering the problem of sexual harassment has been wrongfully hidden under the rug for so long, it is enlightening to think that this societal problem is getting the attention it desperately needs.

Conversely, it is just as important to mention that every accusation should be fully considered in a court hearing to be evaluated for their credibility.

As for the majority of cases of sexual harassment, the sense of powerlessness against the victim’s abuser, thankfully, may be coming to a resounding end due in large part due to the push of the media in recent weeks.

We can only hope that the current campaign against sexual harassment will finally end the pathetic excuse of misunderstanding the situation.

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