Advice Column: What Do You Want For Yourself?

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

The holidays are certainly a time of year in which people share their love and appreciation for those around them.

Particularly, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two holidays that excite people just for that purpose.

We become excited to spend time with our loved ones and see their faces light up as they open their Christmas presents.

Christmas presents are only one of the many things we look forward to during the holidays.

What are the others?

That is up to you to decide.

Every individual has his or her own favorite part of the holidays.

Whether it may be spending time with loved ones, exchanging gifts, sharing stories, taking pictures, decorating the Christmas tree, watching movies, eating baked goods, drinking hot beverages, playing music, singing, dressing up, dancing, shopping or playing games, everyone can find at least one thing they look forward to.

For this, we shall take the holidays to enjoy ourselves with our most favorite pastime.

Moreover, most of our favorite pastimes are already things in which we choose to do on a daily basis.

In other words, they can be done throughout the year.

It does not necessarily have to be Christmas for us to gather around the living room and watch a movie.

Nor do we have to wait for the holidays to take continuous pictures with our family and friends.

Considerably, this does not give us any excuse not to enjoy the holidays and find relaxation in what we do.

Even so, both Christmas and New Year’s Eve help us remember our wishes and dreams of tomorrow.

Having said that, what do you want for yourself?

Ordinarily, we would not take this question into consideration until New Year’s Eve.

It is essentially the only time of year in which we think about our goals and desires.

Why so?

New Year’s resolutions encourage us to make goals and desires once a year.

Nevertheless, most people lose interest in this tradition altogether.

Frequently, people have little faith in themselves, especially by the time resolutions come around.

By and by, people find difficulty in achieving their New Year’s resolution.

Other times, people simply find no purpose in making a resolution, let alone keeping one.

Despite all of this, it is essential that you are certain of what you want for yourself.


Because if you know what you want, you are more likely to achieve it, especially as a resolution.

Also, you will want to choose a goal that will motivate you, therefore, choose a resolution that you strongly desire to achieve.

So, do yourself a favor this holiday break and enjoy the holidays, but also set a goal that will help you.

In the end, you will certainly be happy, and everyone wants to be happy in life.

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