DC’s New Film Flops

Still Image via Justice League Rotten Tomatoes reports a meager 41% on DC’s Justice League. Still Image via Justice League
Rotten Tomatoes reports a meager 41% on DC’s Justice League.

By Adam Miklas
Staff Writer

The DC Extended Universe does not have a good track record when it comes to the quality of their movies. With one good movie under their belt and several others ranging from average to really bad, DC hoped to break the chain with “Justice League”.

After the events of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (and indirectly, “Suicide Squad”), Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is traveling the world to find other super humans to team up and stop an impending invasion. The main story itself is incredibly average.

The group has to come together to stop evil, evil wins / gets away, they argue, settle their differences, become friends, stop villain, uplifting monologue, the end.

It is by the numbers and incredibly predictable. With the exception of one character appearance in this movie, you can tell how this movie will play out.

With all this being said, you can tell that there were supposed to be more scenes. Some of the scenes do not make sense at all. As in there should have been an explanation, but it is absent. Other scenes seem like they transitioned from a different scene than the actual one before it.

The villain is also one of the most generic and forgettable comic book villains that have been presented on screen in quite some time. While it is fine that he is a straight up villain and not a tragic one, his motivations make no sense.

He wants to simply destroy the world using the three MacGuffins. A quick reas why would have solved that problem at least. Also, for a film series that usually has good action scenes, half of them seem weirdly edited.

There were too many close up shots of fast moving characters and jumping in between them at almost the same speed. The movie also just ends and nothing feels satisfying.

That being said, there are some good things in here too. Even though some of the action scenes are choppy, others are really cool and each hero gets to show off in their own unique way.

The chemistry between the heroes also works really well. Even though the League pretty much forms in this movie, they all interact like they have known each other for years and just seeing all of these iconiccharacters on screen together is exciting.

Each character also gets plenty of their own screen time so that we get to know each person individually and no one gets shoved to the side. Barry Allen AKA The Flash (Ezra Miller) is also the most relatable of the heroes, seeing as how it is his first time in a real battle and he acts the way any normal person would act put in the situations he is in.

It is balanced really well and makes the possibility of other heroes joining in possible future movies really invigorating.

While it is way less convoluted and dark than previous DCEU films, it is still a pretty bland movie. An enjoyable popcorn flick, but not joining “Wonder Woman” as another great film in the DCEU.

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