What is the Definition of Fun?More People Are Leaning Towards Drugs

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

Once upon a time, the word “fun” was seen as a broad term.

People would recognize the term by what the dictionary defines it as.

It meant “something that provides mirth or amusement” or “enjoyment or playfulness,” as stated by Dictionary.com.

Nowadays, our generation has minimized its meaning.

Precisely, the term is referred to as going out to bars, smoking cigarettes, smoking weed, drinking beer or consuming alcohol.

For this, it has become nearly impossible to meet people who do not “have fun” without doing any of these activities.

As a non-smoker and non-alcoholic, I find it saddening to witness how much people rely on these things to enjoy their time.

To put it in perspective, do we really need drugs and alcohol to put a smile on our face?

The answer should be no.

Pure happiness can be found in many ways.

Although that is true, it is certainly not the case for our generation.

Alternatively, we come across individuals who have cigarettes inside their purses or the inside of their pockets.

Even more, we notice it when people carry around a bag of weed just waiting to find someone to smoke with.

All of this is depressing, and horrible for various reasons.

Initially, people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are simple putting their health at risk.

Considerably, each time a person chooses to smoke a cigarette or weed, drink alcohol, and so forth he or she is harming their health.

For instance, when smoking and drinking, you feel horrible the next morning.

It is simple as that.

Another negative thing amongst drugs and alcohol is time and money.

Initially, the act of smoking and drinking requires people to take a trip to the liquor store and purchase bottles of alcohol.

With cigarettes, people are obligated to pick up a pack and interact with the cash register.

There isn’t any other way to receive these items (unless you make them yourself).

Secondly, the amount of money that people are willing to spend on drugs and alcohol is outrageous.

When people look at the bill, it is basically half or more than half a paycheck.

Also, what people do not realize is that same amount of money can be spent elsewhere.

Possibly, you could have given yourself a gift that would last longer than a pack of cigarettes or any bag of weed.

Additionally, buying drugs and alcohol means having to confront cash registers.

This means that people will have to prove their age, and they will certainly receive remarks of any sort.

Would you want to be judged upon your pastime?

Personally, I would not want to be judged.

And why?

Because it is a pastime.

It is something in which should allow me to sit back and relax.

The pressure of entering the liquor store or asking for cigarettes at the cash register can be overwhelming.

Therefore, why would anyone want to be in that position?

Applying this to college, it should definitely not be wanted.

In college, pressure is the last thing that people want to experience.

However, most college students can be found having already drunken alcohol or spent time around that type of environment.

As a junior, I have encounter many students who find using drugs and alcohol as a part of their schedule.

It is unfortunate that people, especially young adults, find harmful things to be the source of laughter and relaxation.

Nevertheless, the use of drugs and alcohol is completely up to the person who decides to use them.

Under those circumstances, people have a choice toward whether their health is harmed.

Personally, I would not want my health harmed by something I had full control over.

Yes, the act of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes or weed can be tempting, however, that temptation is only temporary.

After a few minutes, people will forget about that craving and get another one.

So why would you do it in the first place?

Once again, this should not be our definition of fun.

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