Narcissism is a Growing Epidemic in Our Nation

Photo Courtesy / Flickr Self-obsession and selfishness have become a big problem Photo Courtesy / Flickr
Self-obsession and selfishness have become a big problem

By Cassandra Sedler
Staff Writer

It is no surprise that our society today faces many issues.

Although one in particular becomes glaringly evident as we go about our daily routines is self-absorption.

Narcissism is evident when you see a pristine SUV taking up two spaces in the parking lot, a line of faces plastered to smartphones, or the door getting slammed on you because the person in front only held it open long enough to walk through themselves.

The narcissism epidemic is not only on the rise, but it is now compounded by the overwhelming sense of entitlement people feel they possess, without ever putting in work to rightfully earn it.

Although narcissism has always been present within pockets of society, more hours have been spent with no regard to the external world than ever before when we compulsively scroll through our Twitter timelines or Facebook feeds.

As a result, smartphones and social media further perpetuate and promote the inevitable nature of human greed.

Across a set of platforms of social media, it is now easier and more commonplace to self-promote and broadcast one’s daily life than ever before.

Extreme self-centeredness with a grandiose view of one’s accomplishments characterizes a narcissistic personality.

The era of selfies and the apparent need for admiration and approval on social media have plummeted us even deeper into our own worlds and egos.

A person can have a healthy dose of narcissism within their personality when their confidence is actually earned by surviving the hardships and hurdles of life.

The problem is that we appease and reward participation trophies, while diminishing the value of hard work and providing a false sense of accomplishment.

It is too easy to get caught up in self-promotion and the grandeur of social media, but we all should make a concerted effort to look up from our phones, disconnect the virtual reality devices, and experience the actual world around us.

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