Netflix’s Fresh February TV and Movie Arrivals

Photo Courtesy/ Samantha Werkheiser Netflix’s new arrivals are coming soon and will be perfect for late-night binge watching!

By Angalyse Keyock

Staff Writer

“Should I binge watch my favorite TV show on Netflix or study for my exam tomorrow at 9:30?”

This is a question that goes through many college students’ heads throughout the week.

Many students would rather continue to procrastinate and push work that requires effort further and further away to enjoy the easier option: binge watching a television show or seeing a wonderful movie like Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

However, as of the start of Feb., watching multiple shows and movies on Netflix will no longer be an option. Some of the best will even be removed from their wide variety of choices, along with “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

As of Feb. 1, these shows will be removed from Netflix:

“Corpse Bride”

“Day Watch”

“Desk Set”

 “Enquiring Minds”

“Everyone’s Hero”

“Hard Candy”

“How to Steal a Million”

“King Arthur”

“Magic City: Season 1-2”

“Night Watch”

“Open Season: Scared Silly”

“Perfect Stranger”

“Project X”

“Silver Streak”

“Stranger by the Lake”

“The Benchwarmers”

“The Five Heartbeats”

“The Fury”

“The Longest Day”

“Tin Man”

“Top Gear: Series 19-23”

“Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”

Along with that, a popular title that will be removed on Valentine’s Day is “Family Guy.” The first eight seasons will be removed due to the expiration of the contract they have with Netflix.

According to Netflix’s website, the reason why certain television shows and movies are removed is because of the licensing agreements Netflix has with the TV shows and movies.

They only acquire licensing rights for a period of time. Netflix does state on their website that if there is a show you want to see stay or you want to come to Netflix you are able to request it by going onto their website.   

If you want to watch your favorite TV show or movie before it expires and is removed by Netflix, you will be able to view an expiration date on the details page of the TV show or movie, or by looking in the My List section.

Even with the removal of many classics and good shows there are also plenty more coming in Feb.: Volume 1 and 2 of “Kill Bill,” “Men in Black,” “The Hurt Locker,” and the Netflix original “Mute.”

Be sure to stay tuned and be aware of the changes so you can catch up on your favorite shows and movies before they’re gone!

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