Students Strongly Dislike the New D2L Appearance

By Charlese Freeman
Student Life Editor

Changes, sweet changes, don’t students just love seeing changes made to the already perfect and unflawed D2L?

Desire to Learn or D2L is now being managed by Brightspace.

According to the Brightspace website D2L’s features include Aligning content, objectives and instructional strategies using the Instructional Design Wizard

It also includes copying entire courses or individual components from Brightspace or another LMS using the Import Wizard, Creating, organize, and arrange course content using the intuitive drag and drop interface.

Many college students are familiar with the features of D2L.

Surely, their thoughts on the new D2L matter.

Students are asking if it was necessary for Brightspace to make such changes to D2L?

What was wrong with the old D2L?

Bailee Welsh, a ESU sophomore majoring in English, says

“I’m not a fan, I personally think it’s more confusing than and not as direct as the old D2L

I really was a fan of the color scheme, but now I feel like it’s very bland.

The old D2L felt more like it was designed for ESU students personally and now it’s nothing special.”

The vibrant red colors of the old D2L definitely gave it some life and a rather appealing appearance.

Some ESU students are not bothered by the new D2L.

“Honestly, I feel like they didn’t change much.

They changed the layout of the home screen.

In my opinion, I don’t have a problem with it, but I have heard other students say they don’t like it and they prefer the old D2L, which I could see why they say that.

It was much simpler and easier to use.

For the most part, D2L is still the same in many areas,” expresses Joseph Marshall a Graphic Design major here at ESU

Aside from the new look and organization of D2L, the purpose of D2L is for students to access materials they need to be successful in their classes.

As long as D2L is still successful in that aspect, then there really shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Across the board, D2L is a major learning tool for students.

They have access to assignments, submit assignments and communicate with professors.

D2L is also for professors to communicate with students, submit assignments, submit course materials, provide grades and feeeback. grades,

Hopefully, the new D2L will be more productive for students and faculty with least malfunctions and errors.

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