Violent Crime Strikes Campus Again:
Stabbing on Shawnee Quad Shocks Students

Photo Credit / Adam Walker Pennsylvania State Police are still investigating the stabbing on Shawnee Quad. Anyone with information is urged to contact campus police.
Photo Credit / Adam Walker

By Yaasmeen Piper
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

A dark cloud has once again fallen over ESU. Only a month after the murder of Domino’s delivery driver Richard LaBar, the campus must now handle the stabbing on Shawnee Quad on Jan 31.

Around 10 p.m., The victim, Shaquwan Davis-Boone, was walking from the Mattioli Recreation Center when he was approached by a group of males and two females.

They got into an physical and verbal altercation which led to Davis-Boone being stabbed twice, once in the side and again in the back.

Police vehicles and officers covered the quad and surrounding areas.

The traditional dorms, Minsi, Laurel and Shawnee were put on lockdown while officers were on the scene, however students did not receive a campus safety alert until nearly 1 a.m.

“Right after it happened, a my roommate told me that her friend saw a guy come into the union with blood on him,” said freshman Kaitlyn Bohn. “I [still] don’t know if that happened.”

“I found out around 10:15-10:30 [p.m.]” said junior Max Lutzker. “A friend of mine texted me and a few of our mutual friends telling [us] to be safe because her friend is in the EMT is Stroudsburg.”

By the time the university released their statement, numerous students had already reported the incident on Twitter. Student Senate did not release any specifics but instead emphasized the use of the LiveSafe app.

WESS, ESU’s student radio, said the following on Twitter just moments after:

“On behalf of all of us at WESS, we urge all students to stay inside tonight and use caution if you do decide to go out. WESS has spoken to witnesses, there has been an alleged stabbing in campus. If you have any info please contact ESU police. Stay safe warriors!”

Lutzker who is also WESS’s social media director, said he ran the tweet by different people in his station but ultimately had the final say when it came to releasing a statement before the university.

“I feel like people should know what is going on. Especially in such a serious event,” he said. “I guess I was just doing my job.”

When the university did release a safety alert some students felt the report was still unclear.

“I feel like [ESU] is doing enough to inform us but they were still kind of vague about what had happened,” said Bohn. “If I hadn’t already heard from my roommate I wouldn’t have known what happened.”

Since then, ESU has sent out a series of campus safety alerts updating students on the incident.

These alerts included details on increased campus police and Stroud Area Regional Police or (SARP) patrols and safety tips.

The university also noted that the stabbing was not a random attack and students were not in danger.

Based on the information ESU received they believe Davis-Boone knew his attackers.

“I’ve noticed that once people found out it was not a random attack on ESU students and they weren’t at risk, people just kind of went about their day,” said Lutzker. “I think it was less about the university and more the mindset of the students.”

Bohn says although it was a serious crime, she does not fear for her safety on campus.

“I was more surprised because I was just in the area an hour before,” she said. “Things like that happen way more where I’m from, right outside of Reading.”

Davis-Boon’s injuries were not life threatening and is in stable condition.

Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and other law enforcement agencies are still investigating the incident. No arrests have been made.

Campus Police are not available for comment while PSP is still investigating.

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