Advice Column: Don’t Forget to Sleep

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

A goodnight’s rest is an essential part in having a healthy lifestyle.

Rest is energy, and energy allows a person to manage his or her day and function properly.

Frequently, college students lose track of this factor for various reasons; however, it is important that it does not become entirely forgotten.

Instead, it should be recalled that a goodnight’s rest must be a part of one’s own schedule.

As a college student yourself, you should take it into consideration to allow a goodnight’s rest to be a priority rather than a benefit amongst your days.

First and foremost, it has been noted by that every individual needs between seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

This amount may vary from person to person; thus, it can be agreed that people may have different sleep schedules and habits.

This is perfectly fine.

What matters is that you learn how much sleep you need to obtain a healthy and consistent sleep schedule.

The reason for this is mainly because if you were to change your own sleep schedule for even a single night, it may become difficult to recoup.

Moreover, to obtain a goodnight’s rest, you may have to alter your daily schedule.

This includes eating schedule, class hours, study time, hangouts, errands, appointments and more.

For instance, you may have to plan hang outs during reasonable hours, complete your school work early on or run errands whenever possible.

Also, you may have to arrange your leisurely time during certain hours.

Admittingly, it is guaranteed that you will have to miss going out to the movies with friends, throwing a party, attending events and so forth.

Certainly, this will be disappointing at times.

However, you cannot expect yourself to concentrate on your day if you are not fully energized.

Also, you will have difficulty enjoying your leisurely time with little sleep.

Furthermore, a goodnight’s rest will support you drastically in the long run.

Essentially, you will gain more focus, and your memory will strengthen.

These two things alone will help you throughout the semester, as well as the entire school year.

Good grades are important.

Also, rest reduces the amount of stress you receive, the chances of depression and weight gain.

Considerably, this shall motivate you the most.

Ask yourself, do you find yourself enjoying being stressed out and unhappy, especially as a college student?

A goodnight’s rest is a bright light to success.

Nevertheless, the National Institutes of Health has noted that the average person receives seven or less hours of sleep per night.

This factor may be so; however, do not allow yourself to be one of those people.

While in college, you should take care of yourself in every way, and getting a goodnight’s rest is certainly one of them.

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