Majors and Minors Fair Provides More Options to Students

By Emmalyn Campbell
Staff Writer

The Majors and Minors Fair returns to East Stroudsburg University on Feb. 22, in the lobby of the Science and Technology Center.

Dr. Kelly McKenzie first coordinated the event in 2013, and it was a “small affair” according to Dr. Fernando Perez.

The idea came from Kelly Horn, a student intern and psychology major, who was working with McKenzie at the time in 2012.

Peggy Diaco, the secretary for The Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning, has worked with McKenzie to coordinate the event since 2014.

Now, Diaco and Perez are organizing the fair.

The Majors and Miniors fair is designed to introduced students to new deparments and all the possible consintrtions and careers within that department.

“The Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning advises exploratory studies/undeclared students,” explains Perez. “It is involved in encouraging students to explore all majors at ESU. The Majors and Minors Fair is a way to bring all the departments together for one day to help students to set out on their own major and/or career exploration.”

There are few differences with this year’s fair compared to previous ones, including how the tables will be arranged in the SciTech lobby.

In the past years, the tables have been slightly cramped and the lobby was hard to navigate due to the large crowds.

Perez say that this is to create “a better ease of movement.”

Each year, the coordinators try to involve as many academic departments as possible, “so they are all represented,” said Perez.

“It is important for students to select career paths that are compatible with their personality and interests,” Perez believes.

Another key competent to the fair’s success is the Career Development Center, which will also have a table at the fair to give students guidance in connecting their personalities and interests to potential careers.

The Career Development Center will also be there to promote major exploration and provide the tools students will need to be informed about possible careers.

The fair can be beneficial for many students and is generally designed to help undeclared students explore the majors and minors that ESU offers.

In addition, the Majors and Minors fair can benefit students who have already declared a major.

“They can get useful information on minors that might compliment their major, giving them an advantage in the job market over a student who only has a major,” Perez explains. “The Majors and Minors Fair can be a starting point for their [career] exploration.”

The fair will be held in the SciTech lobby on Feb. 22 from 2-4 p.m.

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