Valentine’s Day Ends, but Fond Memories will StayStudents Spread the Love andCheer at the ‘Valentine’s Bash’

Photo Credit / Michael Chintalan Kadisha Alberga (left) and Dominique Lane (right) spend time working on their own sand-filled hearts. Photo Credit / Michael Chintalan
Kadisha Alberga (left) and Dominique Lane (right) spend time working on their own sand-filled hearts.

By Michael Chintalan
A&E Editor

Just one day before Valentine’s Day, the Commuter’s Council held an event to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Food, hot cocoa, sand-filled hearts and designable mugs were given out to the attendees that came to the Commuter’s Lounge.

Cookies were provided and could even be decorated with frosting to make them twice as delicious and special.

A miniature game of archery was set up which only added to the theme of love.

Romantic music was played in the background and it was packed within the first few minutes of the event starting.

Overall, the amount of activities kept all students entertained and gave everyone a chance to participate in something fresh.

“I think it’s cute,” said junior Dominique Lane. “It’s really nice and something free to do on campus.”

Many people came and there were even rounds of karaoke to lighten the mood.

Students danced along and even went as far as headbanging along to some of the tunes.

All around the room, students put together designs and love messages on their mugs while others filled in their open hearts with various colors and making neat little patterns within them.

Alvin Shang, the head of the event, spoke out about wanting to keep people involved and interacting with each other to give everyone a sense of belonging.

“Some students drop out because they don’t feel connected, so we give them a way to feel involved,” he said. “By getting people to participate they meet new people and make friends.”

Most of all, the Commuter’s Council wants to make commuters enjoy their time at ESU.

Through the events they host they hope to make commuters spend time making friends and having fun instead of heading home after their classes are over.

By bringing people together this way, it can make ESU a better place where anyone would feel welcomed.

“I like everything that’s going on,” said senior Kadisha Alberga. “It’s free and it’s great, especially when people can’t go elsewhere.”

The event succeeded with bringing people together and making adorable gifts and keepsakes.

Even though it has ended, the Commuter’s Council will be having another big event in March, as they have one each month.

“[The] next event is bingo and is St. Patrick’s Day themed,” Shang said, “so there’s going to be a bit of luck involved.”

If you missed the Valentine’s Day event because of time constraints or from being too busy, be sure to schedule time off to enjoy some of the council’s upcoming events.

All students are welcome to join and participate for a grand time playing bingo within the Commuter’s Lounge. Non-commuters are not excluded.

Along with the wonderful celebration held by the Commuter’s Council, there was a Valentine’s Day Bake Sale held by 90.3 WESS.

The bake sale was held in Stroud Hall and within the Science and Technology building from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Another bake sale was held by Active Minds in the Union from noon to 3 p.m.

Both bake sales had Valentine’s Day themed baked goods, like heart-shaped cookies.

Along with baked goods, the Union had plenty of treats and wonderful gifts for lovers.

Stuffed animals, small vases with flowers, pink frosted cookies and even stuffed roses.

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