Warrior Den: A Day of Love Eventis a Big Hit Among ESU Students

Photo Courtesy / East Stoudburg University ESU student showed friendship and love for one another at Day of Love event. Photo Courtesy / East Stoudburg University
ESU student showed friendship and love for one another at Day of Love event.

By Kathleen Kraemer
Staff Writer

Last Friday, the Campus Activity Board and the Office of Student Engagement hosted the Warrior Den: A Day of Love.

This second annual event was an early celebration of Valentine’s Day. The event took place in on the main floor of the University Center.

In the Commuter Lounge, a vendor created personalized, engraved bracelets and rigs for students.

This was one of the most popular attractions of the night, and nearly all of the students in attendance got something engraved.

In the back of the building, Common Grounds was decorated with rose petals, pink table cloths, candles and Day of Love luminaries.

Common Grounds was the main area of activity for the event.

In this room, CAB ran a ‘How Well Do You Know Your Partner’ game.

Students were asked to pair up and sit back-to-back. They were asked questions about their partner and instructed to write their answer on the board.

If their answer matched their partners, they were awarded a point.

At the end of the game, the winning pair received ESU-branded merchandise.

Students were also given the opportunity to create Valentine’s Day cards for their own Valentines.

“?I really enjoyed the arts and crafts, and the games kept everyone entertained even when they weren’t playing,” said Yaasmeen Piper, sophomore.

Students crowded into the photo booth just outside of Common Grounds to get custom photostrips with their friends.

Hungry attendees enjoyed sweet treats dipped in chocolate fondue. It doesn’t get more Valentines than that!

Warrior Den events are held every Friday night on campus. These events are meant to give students a safe, on-campus alternative to going out on a Friday night.

This Friday, Feb. 16, the Warrior Den will present a Chinese New Year Celebration in the Innovation Center at 6 p.m. The event will include free Chinese food, a Kung Fu performance and a calligraphy performance.

Students who need transportation to the event can take the Black shuttle from the University Ridge, Koehler Fieldhouse, Facilities, Zimbar or the Mattioli Rec Center.

The shuttle leaves every twenty minutes.

The following week in the University Center the Office of Student Engagement will host Warrior Den:A Night in Vegas.

This event will include a casino atmosphere, games such as poker and roulette.

Students can also participate in an Open Mic and other interactive club-themed activities.

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