Advice Column: Become Emotionally Healthy

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

Life is not easy, especially in college.

College is a time where people begin to create their own individuality while at the same time trying to earn a degree.

These two are difficult achievements to master, and one could only imagine having to do them at the same time.

No matter how unimaginable they are, there certainly are people who leave college feeling accomplished along with a degree in their hands.

Although the feeling of accomplishment is common after graduation, the four years spent will include mixed emotions.

Presumably, the average college student tends to feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried, angry and simply terrified.

This is normal considering just how much students deal with.

Going to class, completing schoolwork, studying, attending clubs, practicing for sports, going to work, creating hang outs, making appointments, working out, running errands and keeping a steady diet and sleep schedule.

These are all things college students come by as they live their lives in college.

In short, attending college is a big responsibility, and one in which students must take seriously.

For this, it is guaranteed that students will come across negative feelings like those listed above.

However, it is important that students take the proper action to stay emotionally healthy.

Primarily, every individual is different; therefore, everyone may handle stress in different ways.

Many college students can be found using various methods throughout their four years.

A few of the most common methods include: talking to a friend, journaling, listening to music, watching a movie, taking a walk, napping or even showering.

All of these can help a person calm down from stress and help them think clearly.

Often times, college students forget that these are stress relievers, especially since they are daily activities.

However, they are. Each time a student does these activities, they become distracted by whatever it was that made them feel stressed or upset.

Distraction is probably the number one method to decreasing stress.

Moreover, people know themselves best. Despite how much they think otherwise, it is true.

Thus, it is encouraged to learn how your body reacts to stress and go from there.

Sometimes, people are luckily enough to learn and take action quickly. Other times, they are not.

For those of you who are not, it is best for you to learn yourself or try to ask for assistance.

Assistance. These two things are another great way to make sure that a person is emotionally healthy.

If people are upset and stressed out, it is beneficial to say something rather than allow themselves to hurt.

Nonetheless, people can become emotionally healthy by simply taking care of themselves.

Taking care of oneself is an important thing on its own, but if people do not take care of themselves, it will only increase the negative feelings.

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