Chinese New Year Exhibits DiversityStudents Learn About a Different Culture

Photo Courtesy / Ryan Cahill Many students attended and enjoyed a glance at a wonderful festivity. Photo Courtesy / Ryan Cahill
Many students attended and enjoyed a glance at a wonderful festivity.

By Ryan Cahill
Staff Writer

Most people in America celebrate the New Year on Jan. 1. Yet there is another celebration for the Lunar New Year, commonly referred to as Chinese New Year.

The year of the dog came roaring in to the East Stroudsburg area as people from different nationalities and cultures came together to celebrate the New Year.

The celebration was held at the East Stroudsburg University Innovation Center on Feb. 16, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

A jam-packed crowd of ESU faculty, students and Stroudsburg residents filled the third floor of the building.

ESU President Marcia Welsh came up to the podium to give a few remarks.

“I’m thrilled to see all of you here, and not just the campus community, but members of the greater Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg Community,” said Welsh.

The event was put together by the Office of Student Engagement, Warrior’s Den Organization, the Chinese Club and the Office of Foreign Languages.

All of these organizations came together to offer ESU an exotic look at the New Year celebration of another culture.

The event was hosted by Alvin Shang as he organized the event. He wanted to express his amazement of the joining of cultures at ESU.

“One thing that fascinates me about being an English learner and coming here to ESU and joining the great programs here reminded me that I am a global citizen. And here, we are celebrating Chinese New Year in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania,” Shang stated in the opening remarks of the ceremony.

The event started out with an introduction by Dr. Doreen Tobin, as she relayed the importance of inclusion.

“We think that it is so important for us to really learn from one another,” Tobin said as she addressed the audience.

One of the highlights of the event was the martial arts presentation performed by the ESU Tai Chi and Chinese Internal Arts Club.

The club performed numerous demonstrations of such martial arts stances, such as the praying mantis and walking circle katas.

There was a musical performance done by the students of ESU’s Chinese classes. The students sang traditional Chinese songs to welcome in the new year.

It wasn’t just knowledge and entertaining Kung Fu demonstrations being presented though.

The event was catered by the East Gourmet Buffet, offering the attendees a variety of oriental foods.

When asked about the importance of sharing cultures with each other, Shang had this to say:

“When people are not aware of different cultures, then there will always be conflict in the world. There will be no learning, no understanding. How can you talk peace without understanding?”

For more Chinese culture, the Global Week event this year is Chinese-themed.

Global Week runs from April 2 to April 8.

The next event that the Warrior’s Den Organization is hosting is “A Night in Vegas” in the student union on Feb. 23 at 8 p.m.

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