Senate Meeting Highlights

By Charlese Freeman
Student Life Editor

Feb. 8, at the Student Senate’s weekly meeting, Vice President of Enrollment Management David Bousquet introduced ESU’s new fixed tuition rate, the Warrior Promise.

The proposal was approved by the State System’s Board of Governors in Jan. 2018.

The Warrior Promise is a four-year fixed tuition rate for all new undergraduates’ students, continuing and transfer students, including transfer students, freshman, non-residential, full-time and part-time students.

The rate will remain the same for eight semesters, the fall and spring semesters.

Unfortunately, The Warrior Promise only applies to undergraduate courses work.

The purpose of the Warrior Promise is to make the cost of tuition more predictable.

One of the many reasons we’re advancing such a proposal is that one of the great unknowns is every year is what’s going to happen to tuition, about the only thing that anyone can say with any assurance is that it’s gonna go up, said Bousquet.

I have known and perhaps you have known students that have had to drop out of school because tuition went up and they weren’t expecting it, said Bousquet.

The tech fees and the instructional resources fees are directly tied to tuition, if tuition stays at a constant rate, these fees will remain constant as well.

New students will not have to sign up for The Warrior Promise.

Room and board are not covered in this proposal because students have a variety of residential options.

Student Senate President Chelsi Roberts-Williams, swore in more than 13 new student senators.

“I will faithfully execute to the best of my ability the office of student senator of East Stroudsburg, pledged the new senators.

The Student Senate then voted on the idea of a field day. Vice President Judaha Amoroso briefly explained her concise plan for the Student Senate’s Field Day.

To run ESU we need you, Amoroso said eagerly.

The field day will include outside organizations from both East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg as well as student organizations.

The goal of this event is to become more connected with the community, both outside and inside the university.

Amoroso’s goal for the field is to have a total of 20 outside organizations and 20 student organizations.

Basketball, flag football, egg toss, obstacle course, kickball, volleyball, track and field and bean bag toss are some activities that will be included at this event.

The role of the student senate is to be the middle man said Amoroso.

The planned date for the field day is April 22.

The Student Senate plans to use this as a way to interact with the surrounding locals as well as fellow ESU students and club.

Amoroso thinks that this will be a great opportunity for the new senators, as well as old senates to network and get more exposure as a student senator.

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