Advice Column: Good Time-Management Skills in College

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

One of the many struggles in life revolves around time-management.

According to Google, time-management is the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work.

Based off Google’s definition, time-management can be a huge benefit to all individuals.

Thus, if a person were to gain good time-management skills, then he or she would have a greater chance of success.

Nowadays, people disregard this factor for various reasons.

Obviously, a person’s life will not always go as accordingly.

However, it is important for individuals to obtain good time-management skills.

Even more, it is important for every college student to have good time-management skills.

Good time-management skills will certainly benefit all college students alike.

Some of the most common ways it will include:

• Higher self-confidence.
• Less effort.
• Less life problems.
• Less procrastination.
• Less redoes.
• Less wasted time.
• More leisurely time.
• More opportunities.
• More productivity.
• More time where it’s needed.
• Reduces stress levels.

All college students are familiar with those listed above and more.

Whether students encounter these things or notice another student with them, they are certainly ones in which are much wanted.

Especially, in college, students wish to have a steady schedule where they can complete their schoolwork, study, hang out and have a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, not many students make the effort to obtain good time-management skills.

Thus, they are purposely allowing themselves to become stressed from school, earn poor grades and lose energy.

The lack of energy, commonly from not eating or sleeping properly, is exceedingly unhealthy.

Whether the person is young or old, he or she needs a well-balanced diet.

This includes eating properly and maintaining a good night’s rest.

Moreover, there are ways in which students can gain good time-management skills.

The most common ways include:

• Avoid multitasking.
• Avoid negative distractions.
• Avoid procrastination.
• Create boundaries.
• Create deadlines.
• Creating schedules.
• Learn to say no.
• Prioritize.
• Take breaks.

All of these methods can promote a student’s time-management skills.

Above all, college students have numerous skills throughout their college career.

These skills should be ones that help them develop as an individual, and having good time-management skills is one.

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