‘Arts Slam’ Returns

Photo Courtesy / Cassandra Bediako Bediako labeled her art piece as “3rd Eye Goddess.” Photo Courtesy / Cassandra Bediako
Bediako labeled her art piece as “3rd Eye Goddess.”

By Michael Chintalan
A&E Editor

The annual “Arts Slam” competition is coming fast and soon auditions and art submissions will be due. Eight categories with one winner each will make a tight match between the amount of students submitting or performing for each category.

The eight categories fit within either performing arts or visual arts. Each of the eight winners receive $100 e-dollars that are added to their accounts.

Music, dancing, theatre and painting are only a few of the eight categories covered by the “Arts Slam” competition. With such a broad range for people to enter into, it gives everyone a chance to perform in something they are talented in.

Artistic students are already hard at work with their pieces of art and will be displayed within the Fine Arts building. Meanwhile, many performers are preparing for the impending date for the auditions.

“Painting to me is a great way for me to express myself,” said Cassandra Bediako, a sophmore in early childhood education.

“I get lost in the swirls of colors the same way Van Gogh did. Painting is a relief and by sharing my work I am expressing part of my love of art as well as telling a story with an image,” Bediako said.

“Arts Slam” is not just a small competition; it is a part of “Global Week,” which takes place from April 2, to April 8.

“Global Week” is meant to engage the community to celebrate the differences in people and culture around the world. It celebrates international traditions and will happen across ESU’s campus with different events each day.

In a sense, the activities that “Global Week” presents can also build a sense of community and bring people together.

“I think that once we see all the work put together that we will feel the sense of an art community because on campus it doesn’t seem like too many people come together to create artistic pieces,” said Bediako.

The competition is still ongoing and the performing arts categories will end March 6 while the visual arts category ends March 21.

To learn more about the “Arts Slam” competition or “Global Week” head to the Student Activity Association’s web page: http://quantum.esu.edu/saa/.

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