Grow Your Hair with Basics and Accessible Oils

Licenced by Creative Commons Olive oil is one of the most best moisturizer for both hair and skin.
Licenced by Creative Commons
Olive oil is one of the most best moisturizer for both hair and skin.

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

Using hair oils are essential if you are looking for a product to help promote hair growth.

Hair oils can also restore nutrients back into your hair if your hair is dyed, and can help with damaged or dry hair.

There are many types of oils that can help your hair and each one has their own special job. For instance, coconut oil acts as a protectant, while still repairing damaged hair and breakage.

Plus, it helps to prevent hair loss, as well as an aid in hair growth.

Coconut oil also stays inside the hair instead of evaporating, and it penetrates the hair more deeply than regular conditioners.

Once it’s a part of your daily routine, you will notice soft, silky, shiny hair.

Next is Argan Oil also known as Moroccan.

It is filled with beneficial ingredients like vitamin E and antioxidants, which suppress UV rays, and prevent hair cell damage.

Argan Oil will not only protect your hair from heat, but also moisturize it. This will reduce dry and brittle hair, and frizziness, leaving your hair soft and tamable.

It is also not as greasy as coconut oil, so it’s perfect for more daily use.

Another great product is Castor oil and it also has vitamin E, minerals, proteins and antioxidants.

These ingredients help make the hair stronger, smoother and healthier.

If you get 100% pure Virgin Castor oil, it will aid in controlling hair loss, fight scalp infections and dandruff.

Also, it works well at preventing split ends.

Jojoba Oil is also great to use for hydrating the hair, moisturizing and treating the hair follicles.

It also treats dandruff and dry scalp along with adding shine and softness.

Olive Oil has great moisturizing properties also and can be used as a heat protectant.

It also conceals the damaged hair strands, giving a sleeker look and will leave hair looking and feeling stronger and healthier.

Lastly, there is Tea Tree Oil. While it doesn’t necessary speed up the hair growth process, it is helping unclog hair follicles and nourish the roots as well as eliminating dandruff.

These products are excellent to use and will help gain and maintain healthy hair.

Some products such as Coconut and Olive Oil can also act as a skin care treatment, you just have to read the labels.

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