PASSHE Continues Its New Chancellor Search

Licened by Creative Commons The PASSHE system searches for a new Chancellor after Frank Brogan retired. Licened by Creative Commons
The PASSHE system searches for a new Chancellor after Frank Brogan retired.

By Mehmet Barzev
Copy Editor-in-Chief

With clear objectives for the next chief executive to lead the state’s 14 public universities, the Board of Governors of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) has completed the criteria list for what they hope will be “a visionary chancellor for the university system of choice for more than 100,000 students.”

The search for a new chancellor began with the retirement of Frank Brogan, who served as chancellor since late 2013.

Brogan was nearly four years on the job when he announced his retirement last September.

The interim chancellor, Karen Whitney, was appointed Sept. 12, 2018.

Whitney is expected to remain the interim chancellor until the new chancellor is named.

Kenn Marshall, the public information officer for PASSHE said, “The chancellor is the leading official and serves as CEO.

The chancellor is expected to carry out the policies set forth by the board of directors and be the direction of the system.”

Marshall noted that PASSHE has just gone through a thorough review by a third party auditing company.

There were many recommendations that are going to be implemented with the new candidate.

“The new chancellor will be largely responsible for implementing the new strategies and ideas,” Marshall said.

PASSHE wants to appoint a chancellor who has, “strong leadership to position the System to advance in academics, student success and service, and to provide extraordinary educational opportunities at an exceptional value.”

“We are excited about our momentum of change, which started last year with our comprehensive system review,” said Board Chairwoman Cynthia D. Shapira.

“We are now undertaking a System Redesign, and our next chancellor will play a vital role in continuing that process—shaping, guiding and advancing that effort well into the future.”

“This is only the fifth chancellor in the history of the PASSHE. We reviewed the criteria just as we do for each new chancellor, and while most of it is the same, we post it as a matter of record,” said Marshall.

The Board is seeking a chancellor with “unquestioned integrity, high energy, and demonstrated leadership and administrative abilities who can shape, articulate, lead and implement the purposeful, engaging and dynamic mission” of the State System.

The search for the System’s next chancellor will continue through the spring, with the expectation that a new chief executive officer would be on board by the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year.

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