Safety Tips: Spring 2018

Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Compiled By:
Ryan McFadden
News Editor

-Use the safety escort service instead of walking alone on campus. Contact them at 570-422-3064. SafeRides is not intended to be a service of convenience, but rather a safe means of transportation when other travel options do not offer a secure environment.

-Report any unusual or suspicious activity you witness. If you witness a crime, be prepared to provide a full description.

-Do not allow people to follow you into secure locations.

-Request that a “tailgater” use his or her key or swipe card to gain entry.

-Lock the door to your room, even if you are in the room.

-Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave right away and go immediately to an area with lights and people; get help if necessary.

-If you perceive you are in danger, yell or blow a loud whistle and look for an escape route.

-Plan the safest route: use well-lighted, welltravelled routes. The shortest route isn’t always the safest.

-Avoid walking or running alone at night.

-Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

-Wear a seat belt in all vehicles.