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The New Snapchat Updateis Becoming a Pain:Users Are Unhappy With and Discouraged From the System

Photo Credit / Yaasmeen Piper Snapchat is one of the most used forms of social media. Photo Credit / Yaasmeen Piper.

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By Charlese Freeman
Student Life Editor

“I don’t like it.

I follow a lot of famous people and now it is harder to find the people.

I don’t want to watch everyone’s snap.

The people who I don’t chat with I’m missing all their stories. It’s organized, but not in the way that I would like it to be.

It’s confusingly organized,” voiced East Stroudsburg University alumni Deidra Jefferson.

“When the Snapchat update came out I felt extremely irritated because I didn’t choose to update it,” said junior Brithney Campbell.

Last week the popular snapchat made a sudden update.

Many Snapchat users expressed their dislike and confusion toward the app’s new update.

According to a Buzzfeed, there is a way to reverse the new update and get the old Snapchat back.

However, these directions are specific to Apple users.

The directions are:

1. Simply delete the Snapchat app.
2. Go into settings and turn off the automatic update in both iTunes and App store.
3. Then, re-download Snapchat.
4. Type your email and select forget password.
5. Choose reset via phone, get the code, and change password.
6. Log in and the original Snapchat is restored.

For most people who do not know about the Snapchat reversal, many agree that they truly dislike the new update.

ESU business management major Tonisha Jeffers expressed, “I hate this new update so much, it’s irritating. It’s not functionable.

They didn’t send out a team Snapchat video on the new feature which they typically do.

They just updated it for them not for the users.”

Jeffers continued, “It does not make me want to use Snapchat and for someone who uses it, imagine the people who barely come on?

They just made it worse.”

Some users think that Snapchat’s update was quite selfish.

If Snapchat wants to attract more users they should consider what the users think.

Jefferson states, “It’s like a messy room; you know where everything is, but no one else does, that’s how Snapchat arranged it.”

To make it more user-friendly Jefferson suggested, “to just put it back to the way it was.”

The new rather simplified Snapchat has compacted individual chats with that of actual snap stories.

This can be an issue.

All the Snapchat stories, ones in which people spend hours upon hours of creating, get lost in the chaotic list of stories and chats.

This is even more hurtful for users who do not have daily conversations via Snapschat.

Considerably, Snapchat users have spent hours upon hours to create these stories.

Although the new Snapchat update is rather undesirable, users will most likely adapt.

Specifically, they will adapt to the new changes and continue to post long sequential stories.

These stories consist of them talking multiple selfies, taking pictures of their feet and including pictures with the popular dog filter.

“The update was completely different from what the app looked like before.

So, it took a little bit to get used to it. But now, I don’t find the update to be too bad,” said Campbell.

Overall, Snapchat users are extremely annoyed by the new update.

Since then, they have felt discouraged from using that particular social media.

Yet, only time will tell if users will stay annoyed and discouraged.

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