How to Be Non-judgmental

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By Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor

Have you ever questioned what people thought of you? Does their opinion of you matter?

As human beings, people are entitled to their own opinion, including those around them. Whether the opinion was developed by first impressions or an experience of some sort, it is unavoidable.

People will form an opinion. However, people must not be judgmental of others, especially in college.

Initially, college students find it difficult not to judge. There are so many things about the human race that lead to making judgments.

Wardrobe/Hairstyle/Hygiene/Facial Structures/Teeth/Nail-biting/Dialect/Laughter/Personality/Punctuality/Attitude/Posture/Eye-contact/-Handshakes/Handwriting/Living-style/Money-spending/Field of Study/Taste in Music/Hobbies/ Shopping Preferences/Food Preferences/Choice of Technology/Political Alignment/Employment

These are all things that trigger us to form opinions of other people.The only thing that separates college students from the rest is that they have endless opportunities to judge and be judged. Even so, it does not excuse them from being judgmental of their peers.

To be non-judgmental, college students must first realize that they are judgmental. This may sound ridiculous; however, it is reasonable. How so?

It leads back to the quote, “The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one,”― Will Mcavoy.

Thus, college students must realize when they are being judgmental. Amongst all the steps, this should be the easiest. All one must do is pay attention. Pay attention to the words expressed and actions done. 

Frequently, college students are aware of their misbehavior; yet, the fault is that they do not do anything to stop it. Stopping the judgments before they occur can drastically help people become non-judgmental. Eventually, they will notice that their mind will not lead to any negative thoughts.

Another approach to becoming non-judgmental is putting one’s self in another person’s shoes. This is probably fastest way to avoiding being judgmental.   When people choose to put themselves in others’ shoes, they begin to learn just how that person feels. Also, they understand the reasoning behind the person’s way.

Thirdly, open-mindedness is a big part of being non-judgmental. Considerably, college students build their opinions and feelings amongst their peers from what they know of them: nothing. Thus, they are already being judgmental.

To solve this, any thoughts or concerns amongst people must be disregarded. In its place, people should be given an opportunity to show themselves.

Whether it may take an hour, a day, a week, or longer, it is only fair to give every individual a chance.

You are not them; thus, you cannot predict the person for which they are.

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