Mind and Body Fair Teaches Students About Unknown Facts of Eating Disorders

Liscensed by Creative Commons A number of student came out to learn about healthy ways to think and take care of their bodies.

By Edita Bardhi

Option Editor

As part of National Eating Disorders Week, Active Minds sponsored a “Mind and Body”fair on Thursday, March 1st.  Located in Sci-Tech lobby, the fair occurred from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This four-hour long event was devoted to all ESU students and everyone alike. Vice President of Active Minds, Catherine Kulge, oversaw multiple clubs to participate in this event. She did this with the help of her Active Minds committee.

  The clubs involved in the “Mind and Body” fair were: Active Minds, CAB, Wellness Education and Prevention, CAPS, SSWCJ, Phycology Association, Black Student Union and Commuter Council.  All clubs presented themselves with a table of activities, information, refreshments and/or giveaways. Students and passersby were welcomed to partake in the games or learn unknown facts about the disorder.

“I am really glad we are able to do this because I feel like eating disorders have a lot of stigma behind them. Because no one wants to admit that they have one, which is hard to do sometimes because you don’t see yourself as having one,” said Christina Hart, a member of Active Minds. Within the period, students came and left as they visited the event’s offerings.

Students who passed Active Minds were presented with a chocolate dispenser, assorted sweets (strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges, marshmallows and pretzels), and few weight scales with motivational statements written by other passersby. Also, “Release Your Insecurities” was

offered. Here students were able to choose a balloon, mark an insecurity they had and afterwards blow out the air, “releasing” their insecurities.  Like Active Minds, the Wellness Education and Prevention club offered an activity about one’s self-thoughts.

Although instead of insecurities, students marked down their what they admired most about themselves.

  The game, “Mind and Body: What Do You Love?” was played to do this. With two separate die, one regular, and the other labeled.

Personality, Body, Accomplishments, Best Friends, Environment and Daily. “I think it’s really cool that they’re doing a Mind and Body fair. I don’t think people, especially in college with the stress of midterms and before spring break, don’t take the time to really sit back and really meditate,” said Lisaura Peralta, a member of the Wellness and Education Prevention.

Throughout the four hours, students were greatly encouraged to participate in the games, voice their concerns and simply stay awhile to learn about eating disorders.

One-way students spoke up was with CAPS. This organization picture framed “What I Like About My Body,” where students marked their favorite things on a turquoise-colored tablecloth.  The Phycology Association displayed a poster board, “Brain Food.” Their ambition was to educate passersby with the various foods available to treat the disorder.

Foods such as beans, salmon, blueberries, nuts and seeds, pomegranate, dark chocolate, whole grains, avocados and freshly brewed tea were all listed.

In addition, the poster featured a map of the different places on campus where students can find these healthful foods.

Other clubs proposed smaller activities such as Jeopardy, UNO and Brain Teasers Riddles. Students were quickly engaged upon these three activities.

Particularly, UNO was played amongst Commuter Counsel Sponsor Rose Blanc.  “I think definitely now with this day and age when everything is so stressful. Events like this help you remember that you have to really take care of not only your body but also your mind,” said Blanc.   Other students voiced the importance of events like these.  “I think that it’s a very good initiative to promote the mental health and the mental positivity.

I think in today’s world people are stressed out, especially during midterms,” said Commuter Alvin Shang.

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