Politicians Are Ineffective Wall Street Needs To Pay

By Richard MacTough

Staff Writer

Democrats are pushing themselves as the party for the working class and are desperate for control of the senate in 2018.

Republicans and Democrats have a difficult time in passing legislation, but 17 Democratic senators are helping Republicans move forward in repealing Dodd-Frank.

Dodd-Frank is the only small step of legislation after big banks crashed the economy in 2008.

Former President Barack Obama signed the bill into law back in 2010.

It enforces regulations on the financial industry after two million American workers lost their jobs from irresponsible and illegal practices from corporations.

Taxpayers were forced to bail them out, and poverty has since increased. Americans now work longer hours for smaller wages. Millions of families lost their homes and parents could barely afford to feed their children.

Vice President Nominee of 2016, Tim Kaine, was one of 17 of his democrat colleagues that sold out in support of corporate interest.

Democrats should be embarrassed Hillary Clinton decided on Kaine as her running mate.

It says a lot about Clinton and what the Democrats represent.

The two-party system is not working efficiently. Millennials are risking college loans in getting careers with the fear of never being able to pay loans off. Young Americans are cynical about the “American Dream.”

Older citizens are frightened in losing Social Security and Medicaid.

Where are the American leaders representing all people, and not just the richest?

Months from graduation my classmates and I are potentially chancing another collapse of the economy because of corporate greed.

Bernie Sanders won millennial support for his demand of politicians of no longer letting illegal behavior slide and taking large donations to serve the interest of the top 1 percent.

Wall Street must be held accountable. The governments need more regulations on corporations and not less.

Democrats are in for a rude awakening in taking back control of the senate in the 2018 election.

The establishment is exploiting the fear Americans share of President Trump as a ploy.  It is the same ‘lesser of two evils’ strategy that cost them the presidential election.

Americans deserve authentic leaders willing to stand up and say no to corporate interests.

“When I saw a handful of my Democratic colleagues vote for it felt like a stab in the heart. Not for me, but for all the homeowners who were cheated and all the taxpayers who bailed out those banks. That is wrong,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren.   

Americans show up to the polls voting out of fear, and everyone must question for what?

Change is not happening because politicians are not progressive enough.

Everything the government allows for big business to risk the economy is and always will be at the expense of most Americans.

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