Sycamore Residents Annoyed by Most Recent ‘Disaster’

Photo credit/ Edita Bardhi

By Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor

Where would you prefer to be at midnight? In your bed or freezing outside in the wintery cold weather?

Last Saturday evening, residents of Sycamore Suites were startled with the sound of fire alarms; yet, this wasn’t any ordinary fire drill. Residents were notified by Sycamore’s RA’s that they must leave the building as soon as possible.

“This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill,” is all residents heard as they walked past the RA’s.

Presumably, someone(s) decided to cook a meal on the fourth-floor kitchen, and the sprinklers burst water throughout the room.

Wow. Really, ESU students?

Normally, cooking is a luxurious and satisfying task; however, it is wrong when people are not responsible while doing the task. Especially, people should be careful while cooking at a college residential hall.

As a resident of Sycamore Suites, I am certain that a lot of other residents were not happy with the sudden surprise. Most residents were sleeping, some residents were showering, and others were returning from wherever.

“It was irritating, at that time most people want to just relax in their dorms and sleep,”shared junior Brithney Campbell.  “After a night of being out it was annoying to have to stand outside in the cold, then must go over to Hemlock and wait around for us to be able to be let back into Sycamore. Students must either learn how to cook or not cook at 1 o’ clock in the morning,” .

Other students did not appreciate their rest being disturbed.

I myself was lounging in my room after a long day’s work. My television was turned on, and I was watching one of my favorite movies. The next thing I know: I am hearing fire alarms rather than the sound of my television.

Was I happy?

No. It’s Saturday night and all anyone would want to do is rest; yet, someone chose to ruin that for us Sycamore Suites residents.  Students were not allowed back in until 3 A.M. Even then, the residential hall was soaking wet from the incident upstairs. From the ceiling to the floor.

The residents are not the only concern, but also the property.

This one task managed to destroy every walkway entrance of the floors. The fourth floor, the third floor, the second floor, and even the grand entrance are damaged. This includes computer labs in all four floors.

It is disappointing to know that a brand-new building is under construction.

Realistically, Sycamore Suites is not even a year old and here are students treating it poorly. The markings on the walls. The cigarette smoke. The floods.

Obviously, I don’t know who caused this incident; but I do hope that they realize what they have done to Sycamore Suites, and its residents.

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