Domino’s Pizza Driver Shooters Allegedly Connected to More Crime on Campus

Photo Courtesy/ LehighValleyLive Israel Berrios (left) and Salvador Roberts face robbery charges

By Ryan McFadden 

News Editor 

Two men allegedly connected to the murder of Domino’s Pizza delivery driver Richard LaBar are now facing new charges concerning prior campus crimes.  

Israel Berrios, 17, allegedly robbed a man of his wallet at knifepoint near Kohler Fieldhouse Oct. 19 at 10:51 p.m., according to the Pocono Record. Berrios reportedly had the help of an accomplice. 

Salvador Roberts, 21, is accused of stealing $1160 worth of electronic equipment from a student’s dorm in Sycamore Suite with the help of an unidentified young male. The police affidavit labels the unidentified youth with the initials I.B., but it is unclear if they represent Israel Berrios, or a new suspect. 

Labar died from a shotgun blast to the eye during a botched robbery attempt allegedly coordinated by Berrios and his reputed girlfriend Carolina Carmona, 30. Carmona ordered a pizza from Domino’s and waited on the ESU army recruitment facility’s front lawn, posing as its resident. She saw LaBar and waved him closer, then Berrios jumped out from the bushes aiming a shotgun. Labar was killed resisting the robbery. 

Berrios admitted to the robbing at Kohler Fieldhouse on Oct. 19 while in custody, according to the criminal complaint. He, Roberts and Carmona remain in the Monroe County Correctional Facility awaiting court dates for their multitude of charges. 

In response to the increase in serious crimes such as the stabbing on the Shawnee quad, new security measures have been taken such as extra cameras installed around campus and new personnel hired to help protect the students. 

ESU has kept students informed of safety updates and aware of security concerns with the official ESU email. 

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