Black Maria Film Festival Brings Emotional Movies

By Amanda Berry

Staff Writer

If you love movies then you will want to attend the Black Maria Film Festival on campus April 12. The Black Maria Film Festival showcases short films made by students in the United States and Internationally.

This is the second time the festival will be at ESU and it will run for one day only.

Jane Steuerwald, executive director of the festival, said “Black Maria presents films that make us laugh, make us cry, and push the boundaries of art.”

Steuerwald also said “Many Black Maria films shine a light on injustice, celebrate the human spirit, and entertain and teach us about the world.”

The festival gives students and filmmakers the chance to express themselves and also shine light on bigger issues through their films.

“We show work in all genres- animation, documentary, experimental, and narrative and some of the most incredible works we program are animated shorts,” said Steuerwald.

The Black Maria organization wants to give the audience a variety of films to experience.

The Black Maria Festival got its name back in 1981 after Thomas Edison’s West Orange, NJ film studio. The festival hopes to show the importance of film making as an art through the festivals they hold every year.

Anybody from any part of the world can submit their work, and there are showcases across the United States.

Filmmaking is a form of art that often is less appreciated and goes more unnoticed than other forms of art. The Black Maria Foundation holds the festival at colleges, museums, and cultural centers in order to reach a wide audience.

While these films may be short, they pack a message. This is a one day only event, so those who are interested should contact Professor Otto or Professor Ball for information on attending the festival.

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