Circa Survive’s Upcoming Show Hopes to Excite Fans

Photo Courtesy / Circa Survive Circa Survive’s new album will be performed at the Sherman Theater on April 20, featuring plenty of new songs to entertain their fans.

By Lauren Hernandez

Staff Writer

The Sherman Theater on Main Street in Stroudsburg will be hosting Circa Survive’s headlining show “The Amulet Tour” on April 20. The band originated in Doylestown, PA, which is not too far from the campus of East Stroudsburg University. 

The current members of the band are also the only members that have ever been in the band. Before Circa, they grew up in various bands, and most of them met while playing shows with each other and touring. Colin Frangicetto was also previously in a band with Brenden Ekstrom, another guitarist in the band. 

Frangicetto and Anthony Green, the vocalist of the band, attended school together and grew up together in Doylestown. They were always best friends and always wanted to start a band together. One day, they finally decided to get up and do it, and Circa Survive was born. 

The name “Circa Survive” came from a list of words the two made while in a bar in Philadelphia. 

“Eventually we got everything figured out,” said Frangicetto. “Honestly, it was pretty magical.”

When asked how the tour has been going, it started two weeks ago in Providence, RI, Frangicetto was eager to say the tour is going really well.

This is the first time Circa Survive has toured with Foxing and Hail the Sun, and that it’s been really fun for them all. They will also be going to cities they have never played in before and Frangicetto says it will be nice to see new places.

Circa’s new album “The Amulet” was released last year and is the reason they are currently on tour. Right after the album came out, Circa did a co-headlining tour with Thrice.

“You could tell right away a lot of the fans came to the shows knowing the stuff already,” said Frangicetto, referring to the Thrice co-headliner, “and it’s even more so now, and it’s great to see the impact.”

When asked what fans should be excited for, Frangicetto said, “they’re not doing anything crazy.” 

“We’re a rock and roll band. No crazy productions, and it’s just us on stage playing our hearts out every night,” said Frangicetto. 

Catch Circa Survive April 20 at the Sherman Theater! Tickets available at the box office at 524 Main Street, or online at The Sherman is also offering a pre-show for an extra $10 with the purchase of a general admission ticket.

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