ESU Brings Sexual Assault Awareness Events to Campus

Licensed by Creative Commons/ Teal ribbions represent Sexual Assault Awareness.

By Angalyse Keyock

Staff Writer

For many females either on college campuses or around town, there is an  underlying fear of walking back from somewhere and possibly being sexually assaulted or attacked.

The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization The Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network or RAINN notes every 98 seconds someone in the U.S is sexually assaulted, which results to over 570 people a day experience sexual violence.

Creating awareness on the subject help people become more aware on the emotionally and physical affects that sexual violence have on people, and the measures people can take to help lower that statistics.

ESU has several events to raise a higher awareness on National Sexual Assault Awareness month.

On April 8 through April 11 the art exhibit displayed art work done on the subject “What You Were Wearing.”

The art exhibit displayed on the second floor of the University Center and was meant to change outlooks and of assumptions when people are sexually assaulted.

Many people use the excuse, “It was what she was wearing that she got sexually assaulted.”  Through this art exhibit organized by  Dr. Stephanie McCall and Dr. Doreen Tobin hopefully will change peoples’ perspective on this subject.

On Tuesday, a sexual assault panel discussion took place to discuss subjects relating to sexual assault.

Communications professor and Women’s studies coordinator, Dr. McClanahan said in an e-mail interview, “ We are hoping to be able to talk about what we can do individually and as a campus to move into a better space with this topic. Are there steps we need to take to make changes to policies? How can we work to support victims/survivors better?”

The panel will include Dr. Linda VanMeter (CAPS), Dr. Marianne Cutler (Sociology), and a New York City lawyer  who deals with related issues on this subject.

On April 11, ESU will host Take Back the Night at 5pm. The march is organized with the intention of people taking back the streets and releasing their fear of walking at night.

Students can attend this event by meeting at the bus area on the side of Sci Tech and they will then be bused to the march starting are at the Stroudsburg Courthouse and attend the opening rally. The march ends on campus around 6:30pm on campus.

Dr. McClanahan encourages students to attend the event, “This is a wonderful event that brings the campus and the community together in a united goal– to make our community a safe space for everyone.”

Educating ourselves on the subject of sexual violence is important whether you have been affected or not.

Talking to President of the Feminist Alliance, Ariel Tucci, explained to me in an e-mail interview,  that joining the Feminist Alliance, arranging events, and creating a group of people to  march in Women’s March in 2017 she really feels like is making her mark in this world.

“My life motto is ‘be the change you wish to  see in the world’ so I’m just doing what I would like to see happen in the world.”

Taking part in one or all the events on campus during the month of April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, may open up your eyes more than you thought.

Student become more educated on a topic that you thought you would have no interest in learning about.

Female or male, sexual assault is a topic that affects both gender and becoming educated on the topic, can lead to lowering not just number of statistics, but preventing that sexual violence happen to less people.

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