Facebook Recognizes Its Users: Political Labels are Now Visible

Licensed to Creative Commons There is more to Facebook Settings than what we know of.

By Laura Jean Null

Staff Writer

I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw this post that went viral describing that Facebook has you labeled under a political category.

So, I followed what that post said to see if it was true. I first went to view my Settings, then I went to Account Settings, I clicked on Ad, went to see my information, clicked on Categories and under US Politics I was labeled.

Now, I will say Facebook had me labeled as a Liberal.

There is nothing wrong with being Liberal, Moderate, Conservative or any political party. The issue is that I identify as more of an independent because I agree with ideas from both major parties. Now, this is not a political segment, though it is an interesting issue. Does Facebook have the right to categorize me?

It’s 2018, and if we take a look at “1984” and George Orwell’s predications we do see correlation’s with “Big Brother” watching everything and the government. From surveillance everywhere, to phone tapings and internet scans there are precautions taken for our safety as Americans.

But is it really necessary for Facebook to label me and categorize me, especially if it’s something I did not want me marked down under?

To monitor what I like, share and post, then put me in group and put my name in a list under a certain demographic, is just too much. So, the debate is going to be research. Facebook did this for research. Plus, it was probably hidden deep in the terms and conditions that Facebook has the right to use your information for research and studies purpose.

As humans, when do we begin to stop and say enough is enough? Are we going to continue to categorize everything? Will I be labeled for having blonde hair and blue eyes on someone’s list? I am probably already on it.

If we’ve learned anything from history, it’s that you cannot just label people because it leads to destruction and genocide. Am I blowing things out of proportion? Eh, you can be the judge of that.

Facebook needs to be more proactive and notify users that they are being labeled and what purpose does this serve for them to categorize us? Is Facebook labeling us going to do more harm than good?

Not only that, if you go further into your Facebook categories, Facebook knows some pretty detailed things about you as a user, information you most-likely willing did not give up or think they would use.

Facebook knows how you access them, what brand phone you are using, the network you are using etc. There are multiple categories Facebook has labeled you under.

See it for yourself, and ask yourself, is this ethical?

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