Student Wins IBS Award for WESS Student Radio Station

Photo Credit /WESS Radio Elizabeth Roberts wins IBS award for her Public Service Announcement.

By Mehmet Barzev

Copy Editor-in-Chief

East Stroudsburg University senior Communication major Elizabeth Roberts is the 2017-2018 winner of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System award for Best Public Service Announcement. Universities from across the country are nominated in various categories, and a committee within the IBS selected the winners.

The IBS awards are given in over 80 categories. The Best Public Service Announcement category had 6 nominees, with WESS selected as the winner. The IBS is a non-profit educational corporation founded in 1940 and serves non-profit high school, college, and community radio stations. There are over 1,000 participating stations.

Roberts is co-host of the show Sound Check on WESS and has been involved with the radio station for three years. Her show plays mostly alternative music, and they talk about concerts, music news, etc.

The winning PSA was originally written for a class. “I had to create a PSA for a class I was taking.” Roberts said. “While I was researching topics I came across ‘Stomp Out Bullying,’ and felt a connection with the material. It felt like a good fit for me,” Roberts said. “I still believe bullying is a prominent issue in schools across the country.”

WESS is a non-profit community radio station housed on campus at East Stroudsburg University. Roberts created and broadcast a PSA titled “Stomp Out Bullying,” which is in a bank of other PSA’s that are used during sports broadcasts.

Roberts said that winning the award has been an honor. She said the whole experience has been very positive. “I feel very proud,” Roberts said. “I appreciate how the school feels about the recognition, and am very great full for all of the attention. I also am very grateful for our factuality advisor, and for all of the other students who work on the radio station.”

Dr.Robert McKenzie is the faculty advisor for WESS. When asked how this recognition made him feel, he said “It means we have students pioneering the way for a new age for radio. I’m so happy for Liz because she has been very dedicated to WESS and has contributed much to our success.”

WESS was the finalist for several other awards including Best Program Director, Best Station Phone App, Best Interview, and Best Station Promo Poster. WESS is completely student operated. It is open to all students, faculty, and staff and is always looking for new programs. “We are always taking new students,” Roberts said. “We are a diversified station, so a prospective deejay has a lot of flexibility here.”

Sound Check airs every Thursday at 4:00. Any student interested in being a part of WESS is welcome to reach out to the station. All students are welcome during any part of the semester, regardless of major.

For more information call (570) 422-3512. You can follow WESS on Twitter @WessFmRadio, on Instagram @ Wessfmradio, and on Facebook @WESSFMRadio. You can also email the radio station


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