Black Maria Shines Light on Art Form

Photo courtesy/ Black Maria Film Festival The films from the festival range from documentary to animation.

By Amanda Berry

Staff Writer

Students and staff funneled into the dimly lit theater at the Fine Arts Building, taking their seats and getting ready to enjoy the show.

The Black Maria held it’s 37 annual film festival on campus of East Stroudsburg University last Thursday. There was a total of nine films, and the theater was almost completely packed at the start.

After the second film “Game,” which was about a young girl trying to break gender roles and stereotypes by joining the men’s basketball team, the audience burst in applause.

Throughout the film the main character A.J. was posing as a boy to try and make the men’s basketball team, because she believed that male NBA stars were more recognized and more respected than woman on a professional team.

Every film had a deeper meaning within the story. It made each film dynamic and an interesting watch.

“Happy Birthday, Mango!” showed the struggle of parenthood. A young mother working as a maid for a family must find a way to contact her son who lives back at her home in the Philippines.

Throughout the film you see the woman get pushed aside and ignored as the family deals with their own problems. The mother never gets to sing her son his happy birthday song, and she realizes how easy it is to take family for granted.

She uses this lesson to teach others in the family she works for, showing them the importance of being there for others.

Another film that was extremely captivating was titled “The Driver Is Red.” This film brings sketches to life in an animation to tell the tale of a well-known story in a new way.

Through a series of drawings, the audience is taken through the story of how Adolf Eichmann was found and apprehended.

The films made the audience laugh, smile, and cry. There was so much emotion and thought put into each of the films.

For those who missed out on the films, there will be other showings across the country and dates are available on the Black Maria’s webpage.

The film festival really shines light on film as an art form, and how stories can be brought to life in different ways.

There were many different types of films, from documentaries to animation. Each film enthralled the audience, as many were unable to look away.

If you have a love for films and the arts, the Black Maria Film Festival is sure to not disappoint. Check out their website for tour dates and for more information:

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