Keep Your Skin Stress Free: The Benefits of Face Masks

Licensed by Creative Commons Face masks help relieves stress and makes the skin look fresh.

By Angela Pender

Staff Writer

As students approach finals week, they tend to be more stressed and their skin may break out or appear tired and distressed.

Due to the excessive studying, lack of sleep, and a lot of sugars to keep the body awake, the skin goes through a series of changes, and as a result it leads to unhealthy looking skin.

To avoid looking worn-down during this finals season, try using face masks to restore nutrients and protein back into your skin.

Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment that helps hydrate the skin, remove excessive oils, and help unclog pores. They can also be used as a therapeutic method to aid with stress because they are infused with essential oils such as mint, coconut oil, and rosemary.

Face masks are made to deeply cleanse your pores, get rid of any dead skin, and help with clearing the skin.

They also provide a softer and smoother texture which lead to tighter skin because loose skin can make you look older than your age. Facial masks are excellent for a

ll skin types but especially if you have acne, blackheads, oily, or dry skin.

Since everyone does not have the same skin type, there are different varieties of face masks. For example, clay masks are for people who have normal or oily skin.

Clay masks contain a natural clay substance that deeply cleanses and draws out toxins to the skin’s surface. Peel off masks are not as absorbent as clay masks, but they still tighten the skin while stimulating the blood supply, and they are great for dry skin.

Cream masks are also useful to people who have dry skin because they rejuvenate the facial skin by adding moisture. Warm oil masks can be used to relieve stress and are applied mostly at spas. They contain almond oil, olive oil, or vitamin oil, and they soften the skin and increase blood circulation to the face. According to being healthy and having a balanced diet is also very important to have a healthy skin and a stress free life.

Last are natural based facial masks that you can make at home by adding oils, fruits, plants, and herbs such as cucumber and oatmeal.

Face masks are soothing, inexpensive, and essential to a healthy skin routine.

They can be used by both male and female and is the excellent treatment to a stressful finals week.

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