The World Outside Your Phone Screens

Photo Credit/ Samantha Werkheiser Some professors ban the use of electronics in the classroom

By Mehmet Barzev

Copy Editor-in-Chief

Electronic device usage has skyrocketed among young adults, and it seems that it may be a distraction for many.

Don’t believe me? Go for a walk around campus and see for yourself. Each day clusters of students walk from building to building on campus, and a majority of them are staring at a screen as they walk along.

While the idea of watching a video clip, sending or reading a text or using other social media might seem benign, being distracted when walking can have negative implications. With the increased concern of safety on campus has been the discovery that many students aren’t helping themselves when they travel around staring at a screen.

The distraction removes you from the situation, and will decrease your situational awareness. This can lead to many things, and has been mentioned numerous times as a safety concern by the administration.

Also, walking around with your face in a screen will take you out of the social experience of being around other people, or just enjoying the natural beauty of the area this time of year. There is a lot to experience on campus, especially in the springtime.

The issue isn’t restricted to walking though.

In classroom after classroom some students are fixated on their electronic device, and some don’t even bother to take their headphones off during class. I wonder what the point of going to class is, if you aren’t going to do anything beyond watching something on a cellphone?

Frankly, I believe it’s rude to the professor.

College is expensive. I’ve heard one professor say that it costs $60 an hour to sit in class. Why not take in what the professor has to offer, and leave social media until after class?

Aside from just being rude to the professor, the use of electronics in class is rude to other students. A bunch of flickering screens is a distraction. It’s also hard to concentrate when you can hear a video playing, even through headphones.

Also, it can be a visual distraction to those around you.

So to appeal to your sensibilities, please consider putting your handheld electronic device away and take in a class the old fashioned way. It’s better for your education, and it makes the classroom more inclusive.

I would venture to guess that you could contribute a lot more to the conversation if you’re actually engaged.

Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the company of your peers. Unplug for a little bit. After all, life is short.

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