Comedian Grabowski Brings Students to Tears

Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi Grabowski’s act kept students entertained throughout the night.

Ryan McFadden

News Editor

Warning: Mature Content

Comedian Adam Grabowski entertained a crowd of around 100 ESU students last Friday with sexual innuendos and a “social-justice-y” edge.

Grabowski’s comedy routine kept the audience in their seats for a full hour and a half with his suggestive jokes.

“Raise your hand if you’ve been to a comedy show,” Grabowski said. “Now raise your hand if you haven’t been to a comedy show, cool, I noticed not everyone voted, that’s why America is terrible, thank you guys.”

The crowd broke into effortless laughter. Most of Grabowski’s performance had been this way and plenty of students had found it entertaining.

The consistent strength of Grabowski’s comedy came from his jokes examining differences between men and women and his perspectives on sex, food and combinations of the two.

Memorable moments included his riffs on t***** tacos and booty bacon. Also, his developing catchphrase and hashtag, “man-booty matters.”

These moments, with their combination of irreverence and innuendo, naturally suited the college age crowd, judging by their reactions of outspoken laughter.

“This makes me not hate my life,” said one student within the laughter of the crowd.

Grabowski even had catholic school jokes up his sleeve, introducing them by saying he recently performed for a crowd of nuns.

“We all exist because of horniness right? And then the sister goes, ‘all except for one.’ I was like girl did you just pull the Jesus card on me?” Grabowski said. “And then she goes, ‘whatcha gonna do about it? Son.”

Grabowski has been doing stand-up comedy for eight years. He’s performed in 48 out of 50 states, at over 600 colleges and recently on America’s Got Talent. He’s also getting inspiration from the places he’s travelled through, like the farmlands of Pennsylvania.

“I’ve been touring Pennsylvania, which means I’ve been going through Amish areas, and this question pops into my head: what do they look at for porn if they don’t have the internet? And then I just assume, shapely squashes. Hey Jeremiah, were you in the pumpkin patch again? No Pa I swear. Hmm then why are there seeds everywhere? Pumpkin seeds. Jeremiah you carved this jack-o-lantern weird there’s just a hole in the middle. His favorite band is Smashing Pumpkins.” Grabowski said.

The Amish masturbation routine earned the loudest cheers and laughs of the night. Students even clapped their hands, expressing their admiration of Grabowski’s irreverent creativity and innuendo.

“I’m not saying anything dirty, I’m just meeting you in the gutter where you already are.” Grabowski said.

In a serious and somber moment, Grabowski spoke about his struggle with anxiety and depression and lessons he wanted to share with the crowd.

“I know too many people that think they’re not good enough, but you are. The reason that you might be upset with yourself is because you love yourself. This is gonna be strange but if you hate yourself it’s probably because you actually love yourself.” Grabowski said.

At the end of the show, Grabowski thanked the audience for coming out and had the crowd gather around for a group selfie.

The next Warrior Den event is an interactive Murder Mystery night called “Lights, Camera, Murder,” on Friday, Sept. 14 at 8 pm in which students try to find which one among them is the murderer.

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