More Than Just A Game

Ivanna Pittman

Contributing Writer

  For two consecutive years now, ESU’s Women’s Tennis Team has managed to work their way to states.

However, for captain Lauren Morrissey, being on the team is about more than just the game.   

“For me Tennis is not just a sport but a fun activity that creates community and sense of family,” Morrissey said.

“I am looking forward to having a ton of fun with my team and to try and make it to states for a third year in a row.”

Currently, her goals for the team is to have a winning record to move up their ranking and also more fundraising.

“Right now we have a candle fundraiser going on, which is always a big fundraiser for us,” Morrissey said.

“As for community service, I’m hoping that we can get more involved this year especially with things on campus! I’m hoping that we can get involved in the sexual assault campaign that is coming up soon.”

The first home match for these ladies will take place Sept. 15, 2018 at 11am where they will face off Scranton University.

“Right now the whole team is working really hard. I think to make states we are going to have to continue to work hard and improve through the fall season and over winter break,” Morrissey said.

“It’s going to be a lot of hard work and we need to put in extra hours. If we do that, I think we have an excellent chance to make it.”

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