Murder Mystery Solved by Students

Photo Credit/ Edita Bardhi Plenty of students participated in solving a quirky Hollywood murder through investigating one another and compiling evidence.

Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor

Last Friday, the Campus Activity Board and the Office of Student Engagement hosted the Warrior Den: Murder Mystery: Lights, Camera, Murder!

Located in the University Center, this Hollywood elite required students to pre-register. Each registered student was sent an email prior to the evening informing them about their assigned character.

In addition, students were given the option to dress up in the form of their character. The wardrobe description was included in the email.

Over 100 students signed up.

“I am loving it. I have never been to a murder mystery before and I absolutely love it. I love how everyone is in character and everyone is having a good time and playing along with it,” said Senior and Musical Theater major Kim Rauscher.

“I think that it is pretty good. They went all out this time with asking to signup beforehand. It’s interesting,” said Sophomore Sean Chandelier.

As students appeared, they were given two envelopes, an index card, a sharpie, cash and a raffle ticket. All which contributed to the next two hours.

The first envelope, Envelope A, was solemnly for the characters’ benefit. It gave them information of which characters they must speak to and what tasks they must achieve.

This required students to mingle around the room and meet other characters. Specifically, the envelope encouraged students to find certain characters.

It wasn’t long until the atmosphere grew with excitement. Students rapidly searched for other characters. One student approached another and as soon as she learned her name, she left.

“I love when people just ask questions and when they are all in character. It makes the story go along well. It’s nice to see everyone being their very own character in a way,” said Rauscher.

In the lounging area, music was played in the background to emphasize the night. Also, certain parts included spooky eyes and CAUTION stripes.

Refreshments were also laid out throughout the night. Students helped themselves to tortilla chips, chocolate-chip cookies, assorted cookies, ice tea and lemonade.

Along with the room decor, students who chose to dress up added much highlight to the night. Long dresses, high heels, make-up, costume hats, suits and much more were all seen amongst the crowd of 100 plus students.

Often, a girl’s long, sparkly gown was stepped on by onlookers.

By the first hour, two murders had been witnessed, the second one receiving the most attention.  Everyone yelled and rushed over, making sure she was still alive. However, she was dead with her arms spread wide open.

“The moment when the murder occurred. That is when the night took off,” said Senior and Theater major Jenna Worrell when asked what her favorite part was.

At this point, students could open their second envelope, Envelope B. In it, students learned more about their own character, about other characters and about other characters’ relationships.

During this time, students used their cash as a bribe to receive information from others. Also, they used their index cards to take notes on any information they received.

Eventually, the murderer, Brady Comeback, was found.

Lastly, raffle calls took place. Winners got the chance to win either movie tickets or Oscars for Best Dressed Award.

“I just want to thank SSA. Without them, this event would not be possible,” said Worrell.

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