Marty Nothstein Portrays Leadership Skills

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Luke Sterner

Staff Writer

Ronald Reagan once said: “America is too great for small dreams.”

Marty Nothstein personifies that more than anyone I have ever met.

In the 7th congressional district of Pennsylvania, on Nov. 6, we cast our ballots to elect our next congressmen to be sent to Washington.

A little background on Mr. Nothstein.

He grew up in a working-class family who taught him early in life that hard work is the best way to achieve your dreams.

Marty’s father ran a car dealership and a trucking company.

His mother raised Marty and his siblings before working as a retail clerk to help make ends meet.

As a teenager, Marty worked multiple jobs to help his family and support his dream of becoming the best cyclist in the world.

Marty raced for the U.S. Olympic team in Atlanta in 1996, bringing home a silver medal.

However, he would not display it until he could put a gold medal next to it.

  Four years later, in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, he became the best cyclist in the world, and achieved his dream.

Marty has always called the Lehigh Valley home.

It is where he and his wife raised their two children.

Its where Mr. Nothstein began his work as a small businessman and community leader.

Mr. Nothstein ran for the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners.

A principled conservative who grew up with a strong sense of fiscal responsibility, Marty put those principles to work as county commissioner.

In two years, he helped restore and expand the county’s retirement home for the elderly and cut taxes for homeowners.

Mr. Nothstein took charge of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, a non-profit organization that runs the world-class Trexlertown Velodrome.

While there, he improved their finances and expanded training programs for the next generation of champions.

He created outreach programs in underserved communities where too many children are often forgotten.   

Now, Marty is running for Congress to put the same work ethic and determination to work for the people of Pennsylvania.

I have met Mr. Nothstein personally and I can tell you that he is a class act.

He takes the time to talk with people about policy, and he has the intellect and character to adequately represent us in Washington.

He truly cares about the people who trust him with their votes and their tax dollars.

Here is where Mr. Nothstein stands on the issues:

He wants to stop the flow of death into our society, whether it’s from our borders or our hospitals.

He wants to end government control in our local schools.

The “Nothstein Plan” includes these 5 keys: Secure the border, enact term limits, create American jobs, defend conservative values and protect the 2nd amendment.

Marty also places preference on trying to break gridlock and work together with all our representatives for the sake of all Americans.

Mr. Nothstein achieved his great American dream on the race track.

He is now running for congress to help everyone else achieve their version of the American Dream.

Mr. Nothstein is a winner not only on the race track, but in life as well.

He is a father, a husband, and a leader.

He also has the will, intellect and character to make Pennsylvania great again, for everyone.

He is a true hometown hero.

He embodies what an American looks like: an Olympic medalist, a farmer, a small business owner and a family man.

If that doesn’t spell American I don’t know what does. 

On Nov. 6, do yourself and your state a favor and vote Marty Nothstein for congress. I know I will.

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