Should ESU Be a Wet Campus?

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Lynne McGee

Contributing Writer

ESU has always enforced their “dry campus” policy where students, faculty, etc. are not allowed to drink alcohol on campus property, no matter what age they are.

According to the Annual Clery Crime and Fire Safety Statistics Publication, a report put out each year by the Police explaining the violations that have occurred on campus.

There were 52 liquor law arrests and 79 disciplinary referrals due to alcohol on campus in 2016.

Not only are students facing repercussions for having alcohol on campus, but ESU can face consequences as well.   

In a poll taken on my own social media account, 80 percent voted for a “wet campus” opposed to the 20 percent that voted against it.

Though, almost all the 80 percent were under the legal age to drink.

Sophomore Brooke Kaminsky said that ESU should convert to a wet campus.

“People who are 21-years-old should be able to drink,” she said.

“They’re of age and people are going to do it anyways.

They already do, which is the sad part.”

In another instance, Haley Gillespie, another sophomore at ESU, said the university becoming a wet campus will encourage underage drinking.

“People that are underage will just drink in their rooms and think they won’t get in trouble.

You still can,” she said.

“When you think about the actual end result, more students will likely miss class and grades could face a decline if people can just sneak drinks in their rooms.”

Even with the poll discovering a high number of people wanting ESU to be a “wet campus” it is ultimately up to the university itself.

Though, there are still a few students that believe ESU should remain true to its policy of being a “dry campus.”

If more were to look at the Annual Clery Report they would realize if the university evolves to a “wet campus” it doesn’t mean people can drink underage.

It is a university and a statewide law that people under the age of 21 are not allowed to consume alcohol without facing repercussions.

To this day ESU remains a “dry campus.”

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