Men’s Soccer Falls to Shippensburg

Helen  Bradley 

Contributing Writer

Heavy rain and lightning flashes didn’t stop the tight match-up between our own men’s soccer and Shippensburg last Wednesday night.

The game was set to be a battle with both teams holding a 5-2 record coming into the match.

Starting 11; Will Boerema, Nico Gericke, Marcus Torgersson, Irvin Zuzic, Jo Panuccio, Milis Bjorquist, M. Laredo-Fernandez, Brandon Levano, Jordon Ellison, Erik Cardoso and Eddy Enowbi, got the game going with a dominant first half.

Whilst the ball spent a majority of the time in the midfield, ESU saw six shots on net and were unlucky not to see them become goals.

Shippensburg only saw attacking opportunities through fast breaks which defensive player, Nico Gericke, calmly and easily stopped.

A breakthrough of Shippensburg’s offense created a 1v1 with goalkeeper, Will Boerema, leaving the crowd full of anxiety as the ball was sent high but fortunately rocketed off the top post.

The second half started off slow with the first five minutes spent on ESU’s defensive half before evening back out into a midfield focused game.

Intensity was high from both teams, with multiple arguments and physicality breaking out between players.

Unfortunately, a low shot by Shippensburg’s Cole Kropnick from the top right of the box found the back of the net, leaving ESU down 0-1.

This fired the Warriors up, with the ball spending the rest of the game on ESU’s attacking 50.

With 13 shots towards goal, the Warriors were unlucky finding the back of the net.

ESU’s last chance of the game came from Jordon Ellison whom had a free kick that sadly bounced off the post.

The boys gave everything they had, attacking the ball with great speed, dynamics and skill yet sadly did not see a conversion to goal.

Outshooting Shippensburg by a 19-8 margin, statistics showed that the Warriors played a dominant, win-worthy game and it was saddening not to see the boys walk away with the win.

The Warriors also played Slippery Rock on the road on Saturday, and rallied from a first half deficit to win 2-1. Goal scorers were Erik Cardoso and Jo Panuccio.

With the Warriors back on a winning track, they look to face Lockhaven on Wednesday, Oct. 3. Make sure you head out to support the boys as they continue their quest to PSACs.

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