Drag Show Spreads Positivity and Love

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Lynne McGee

Contributing Writer

The annual Drag Show was another big hit!

“Let’s show ESU real drag!” Carol Ann Carol Ann and Sharron Ann Husbands screamed at the plethora of students gathered in Abeloff for ESU’s annual Drag Show.

The hilarious duo of Carol Ann Carol Ann and Sharron Ann Husbands returned and had tears of laughter flooding Abeloff as the Drag Show took place.

Each year the campus holds the “Dragged through the Years,” drag show, starring the famous blondes. The two promote self-love and positivity, creating laughter throughout the night. They left everyone begging for more.

This year the show started off by promoting Nova, a free STD testing center right off seventh street. Free to any ESU student, as well as private; no parental figure is needed.

The show then kicked off and opened with a beautiful, empowering self-love dance. Encouraging people of any age and gender to not only love themselves, but to prove love is always possible. At the end the whole crowd was in tears, cheering within the first five minutes of the show!

Throughout the night, many other performances were given by a diverse cast of people.

Gabriella Valentine and Phillup McCouch had a stellar performance. They were lip-singing some of the generation’s favorite songs while interacting with the crowd all night long.

A couple performers were embarrassing a few of the students by bringing them on stage for games. The most exciting being, “Wig in a Box,” where students would wear crazy wigs and show off their moves.

“It wasn’t what I was expecting, but in a good way,” sophomore Morgan Chase said, “It was entertaining every second and gave the whole room a positive energy. They left everyone with such a positive message, everyone left smiling.”

A message of self-love and positivity was evident throughout the show that every age, gender, student, and even staff had loved.

Carol Ann Carol Ann and Sharron Ann Husbands said they cannot wait to come back again next year, and ESU could say the same.

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