Gallery of Diverse Paintings and Pottery

Photo credit/ Lou Surrans

Lou Surrans

Contributing Writer

The second exhibit of the year at the Madelon Powers Art Gallery features the regional artists Kristen T. Woodward and Tom Landenslager.

The latter was not the first choice of Joni Oye-Benintende, director of Art + Design Department, however, the show offers a coordinating assembly of paintings and ceramic sculptures until Nov. 26.

Oye-Benintende had another artist’s work in mind to match Woodward’s paintings. But the artist moved into another state and could no longer do the show.

The director of the department had to come up with something quick: “Tom Landenslager was in the back of my head,” Oye-Benintende said.

Woodward’s paintings are made of pigment, resign and beeswax and her major theme is animals.

You can find different creatures on her paintings such as a goat, a sheep, several tauruses, a deer and even pieces of animals such as rabbit feet.

Oye-Benintende likes the interesting message that she conveys, “Woodward wants people to think about their relationship with animals and how they use and treat them.”

Overall, the pastel colors of the different ceramics paired the paintings of Woodward’s theme. Especially with how the Bonsai matches well with the rest of the paintings.

The bonsai tree sculpture  mimics a flowers vase and has warm color strips that looks like flames which match the colors of the paintings.

The artist incorporated different textures and elements in his sculptures: one of them is constructed around a piece of clarinet and another one integrates a violin fragment.

Landenslager is hosting a workshop in the ceramic studio on Saturday 21 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.. He will demonstrate the techniques he uses to create the pieces of art that are currently in the art studio. Everyone is welcomed and it’s free of charge for ESU students.

Even if some people from the ESU community and art students are enjoying the exhibit, Oye-Benintende wishes to have more visibility for her department.

“We definitely want more people to come here. We have very high quality show by artist with both regional and international reputation,” she says.

Indeed, the Madelon Powers Art Gallery hosts generally diverse shows.

The next month the show will be curated by a theater teacher and feature an international renowned scenographer. Drawings will be associated with theater production and workshops will be displayed.

But for now a unpredictable natural world is waiting at the Fine Arts Building. Be sure to check it out!

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