Kavanaugh Stands Forth For Accused Men

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Luke Sterner

Staff Writer

What if it was your daughter?

It is the question I get asked by defending Justice Kavanaugh against sexual assault allegations.

My answer: “why did you wait this long to tell me?” 

The confirmation of Kavanaugh is bitter-sweet for me.

It shows that we can stand up to the fascist left in America, but the court just gained another swing vote, not the conservative champion we need.

Brett Kavanagh believes in man-made climate change. Never, to my knowledge, has he denounced Roe V. Wade.

He supported the NSA’s spying of Americans.

Kavanaugh even ruled in favor of Obamacare, in which supreme court justice’s Thomas, Scalia and Alito all rejected his argument.

In an article for the 2009 Minnesota Law Review, Kavanaugh said:

“If the president does something dastardly, the impeachment process is available.”

Justice Kavanaugh also ruled in the Garza v. Hargan case that illegal aliens can get an abortion in America.

I may not agree with the man’s views; but he did not deserve this ordeal.

The first accuser was Dr. Christine Ford, an anti-Trump leftist who participated in the Women’s March and donated to the DNC, even erasing her social media before bringing her story to light.

There are five key questions that are still unanswered: 1. When did this event happen? 2. Where did it happen? 3. How did she get there? 4. How did she get home? And, 5. Who else was there?

We have the same answer as Dr. Ford for the first three questions which is: “I don’t know.”

Questions four and five are extremely important.

Dr. Ford says she didn’t have a driver’s license at that time. So, someone else drove her home.

According to her, she rushed out of the house after just being assaulted.

She was terrified she was going to die.

Whoever drove her home should be able to testify about her emotional state after this alleged incident.

Yet she didn’t give that name.

She remembers rushing out of the house, but does not remember anything after that.

How did she tell her driver to pick her up, given that cell phones didn’t exist yet?

Nobody who was interviewed, and those that came forward, have no recollection of those events.

No one can corroborate Dr. Ford’s story.

The second accuser was Deborah Ramirez.

The New York Times could not find anybody who could corroborate Ramirez’s claims, including her classmates. Ramirez, just like Dr. Ford, is a registered Democrat and is dedicated to leftist causes. Ramirez wasn’t even sure her memory was correct.

Ramirez admits there are holes in her memory due to how much she drank at the party.

People who knew Ramirez after her time at Yale say that she never mentioned the incident until Kavanaugh’s nomination.

The third accuser was Julie Swetnick.

Swetnick presents herself as a partier, yet no one remembers her. At these parties, Swetnick claims Kavanaugh was regularly “fondling” and “grabbing” girls without their consent. None of those girls came forward. NBC News listened to Swetnick’ s story and “could not independently verify her claims.”

NBC News admits, “There are things she told us on camera that differ from her written statement.”

Swetnick claims she told a Montgomery County Police officer, and her mother, about the rape. Both are now deceased. Swetnick provided NBC with four names of “friends” who would verify her claim. One doesn’t know Swetnick; the other is deceased. The other two did not respond.

NBC spent days looking into Swetnick’ s story and “has not been able to place her in that time period, at those house parties, in that group of friends.”

All three of these women have accused a [Republican] man of arguably one of the worst crimes in the world, without evidence, witnesses or a clear memory of the event. All of them are Democrat donors, voters and volunteers.

These women not only ruined their credibility, but the credibility of all women who have actually been raped.

The Democrat party’s plan has three stages. Stage 1, get Kavanaugh to quit to stick it to Trump. That failed. Stage 2, threaten enough senators while destroying Kavanaugh’s credibility by making the GOP look like misogynists. That failed. Stage 3, delegitimize Kavanaugh, by getting him off future Supreme Court cases due to his anti-Democrat “bias’s.”

The ultimate goal of the left is to hold power in the court. They lost the executive and the legislative branch.

Now, they fear they are losing the judicial branch, the last hope of implementing their agenda. 

Perhaps this is why Democrats have called to “pack the court” with two liberal judges.

The Democrat party showed us their true colors with Corey Booker saying:

“It doesn’t matter whether he is innocent or guilty.”

Mazie Hirono: “I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases.”

Kirsten Gillibrand said: “whatever he says tomorrow, it will not change my view.”

The top statement had to be a writer for Stephen Colbert saying,

“Whatever happens I’m just glad we ruined his life.”

The end result of this disaster will be remembered as the day when due process, and innocent until proven guilty, were ALMOST lost in America.

We all owe a thank you, to Justice Kavanaugh for standing his ground and showing that men accused of these crimes are not always guilty.

So, after reading this, I ask you, “what if Brett Kavanaugh was your son?”

Would you automatically believe his accuser?

Do you think it is time we restore the notion of innocent until proven guilty?

Yeah, me too.

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  1. Just because it can’t be proven doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. You stated if you had a daughter you would ask her “why she waited so long to tell?”
    Because the men who sexually assault women have the power to hold it over them. Woman coming forward is more difficult than you think. I suggest you watch something other than Alex Jones. Get out of your bubble that one political party is evil and the other are saints. I think it would benefit if you watch “The Hunting Ground.” Just maybe you will leave your ignorance behind. I understand the argument of “Innocent until proven guilty,” but a lot of these individuals are guilty and had the power to keep it hidden. So, victims are getting the support because we refuse to ever believe them. It is sadly ironic, but is quite the truth. Kavanaugh still may have done it, but it is mostly impossible to prove it so many years later. From how long I known you, you have a tendency to stay in one bubble then question your own beliefs. I would say I am liberal, but I am not a democrat. I would say I question my own views, and it’s important you question your own too. Party loyalty without ever questioning is absurd. Your Red status doesn’t excuse you.

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