‘Switch Day:’ What Do You Think?

The COVID-19 pandemic left a lot of students forced out of physical classrooms. Photo Credit / Amy Lukac

Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor

Each fall semester, ESU students, professors and faculty members have an alteration toward their schedules. 

Specifically, the Tuesday after Columbus Day weekend is not a usual Tuesday schedule but a Monday schedule.

This alteration is known as ‘Switch Day.’

Foremost, ‘Switch Day’ occurs to balance the two Mondays missed: Labor Day and Columbus Day.

ESU created this day in hopes of giving the Monday courses a fair count on its occurrences.

By some means, this idea is creative as well as considerate.

It allows Monday courses to stay on schedule, but I think that is the only advantage.

For us students, professors and faculty members, it is simply additional stress added to our schedule.

Initially, we become accustomed to our regular schedules, especially by Oct.

That is three months into the semester we are talking about.

In addition, many college students have a part-time job and there is always a possibility that ‘Switch Day’ may interfere in work schedules.

Considerably, not every student may be capable of adjusting their work schedules, whether it may be because of timing or against the bosses’ wishes.

“I thought it was going to be bad at first, but then I realized it wasn’t that bad. I was lucky enough to manage everything; however, it messed up my work schedule,” said Laura Sarria, a junior at ESU.

That brings up my next point: we must adjust our regular schedule to accommodate for this day.

Sometimes, the adjustments may be easy, but not always.

If that is the case, then the stress appears from making everything work.

In the past,, I listened to professors begin class with a reminder of ‘Switch Day.’

Occasionally, I will hear an expression of hatred or a sigh of exhaustion.

Based off this, it is safe to assume that professors are unhappy with the day.

Some dislike the need for adjustments because like us students, they too have a set schedule they follow daily.

Moreover, ‘Switch Day,’ is confusing, especially for transfer students and incoming students.

These students are attending a (new) university for the first time; thus, a little confusion is foreseen.

“It makes it a little stressful, and I was very confused at first. I didn’t even know what it was until the day before,” said an ESU freshman.

From my experience, I have learned that a lot of students continue to be confused, even after given an explanation.

Although adjustments and confusion may appear on this day, there are still a select few who admire the day.

“I think ‘Switch Day’ is an interesting day of the semester.

Many students do feel a bit confused about what day of the week it is after ‘Switch Day,’ but I believe that it is a great incentive to balance the missed Monday class on Labor Day,” said Brithney Campbell, a senior at ESU.

“‘Switch Day’ feels like a normal day, until it repeats itself [the next day],” said Jacqueline Herbert, a junior at ESU.

Other students dislike the switch altogether.

In all, ‘Switch Day,’ is an unusual part of our daily schedule, but I understand and accept the reason behind it.

Since it is a burden though, I believe that ESU should address the day better, possibly the clarification.

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