Benefits to Being Working Students

Licensed by Creative Commons Spending money wisely is one of many responsibilities in life. Licensed by Creative Commons
Spending money wisely is one of many responsibilities in life.

Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor

Receiving a paycheck can be pleasing, especially while earning a college degree.

Many college students nowadays are balancing out roughly four to seven courses as well as a part-time job.

Some may even have a full-time.

This productive lifestyle of a college student can be very rewarding, and not just because of a paycheck.

Employed college students whether working on or off campus, have more opportunities to develop lifelong skills.

Some of the most common skills include time-management, social, money-management and professional skills. Also, they learn a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and concentration.

Once again, all of these are beneficial as we grow older.

However, it is helpful throughout our college years as well.

In other words, we may gain something from a job that we can’t at home or even in the classroom.

So many college students struggle with time-management, organization, speaking to professors and advisors and asking for assistance.

But when are we actually taught any of this?

Some would say from their parents and others from research. The rest would answer from experience.

Exactly. When we work, we are required to do things in a timely manner, address matters and even work together.

We are expected to do the same at college; therefore, the little things we learn from work can be useful.

In addition, having a job while in college brings happiness, good-health and motivation.

A lot of people would agree that most of this happiness comes from receiving a paycheck and I can’t disagree with them.

As an individual,  I appreciate having money to simply take care of myself.

Otherwise,  I am delighted to have a little extra cash to treat myself.

However, I believe most, if not all, the happiness is satisfaction and relief.

When we are employed, it feels like we have one less issue to worry about.

Frequently, college students ask themselves the question, “how am I going to get the money for this?”

Well, if they are employed, they won’t have to second-guess on getting the proper wardrobe and shoes, buying school supplies, buying textbooks, buying food, ordering take-out and so forth.

One major benefit to working while in college is saving money.

The money can be safely deposited into a savings account for future use or better yet, to pay off college debt.

On the other hand, having a job in college does have its disadvantages.

It requires us students to adjust our class and work schedules around each other and put additional effort into our studies.

More times than not we are forced to miss special outings or even a small gathering.

It is especially a disadvantage when we need that additional time to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Also, the sacrifice of sleep is haunting. We need to get our average of eight to ten hours a night.

This can become stressful and although it is we are slowly getting something in return: character.

In all, having a job while in college can help students thrive in their education as well as their personal lives.

These are two reasons, aside from a paycheck and productivity, why I admire being employed in college.

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