ESU Alumni Returns to Share Her Experiences in the Real World

Tia Toppin

Contributing Writer

“One of the most patient, interested, and passionate students,” boasts professor Cem Zeytinoglu as PRSSA held their second alumni visit to welcome the return of the accomplished public relations student, Alyssa Strubert.

Strubert, a graduate of the class of 2012, shares the experiences that have helped to catapult her career to where it is today.

The communications major with a minor in sociology got her start by landing a one-year contract assignment interning with Sanofi – one of the top 10 pharmaceutical organizations in the world.

As the year came to an end, Strubert began to apply to positions around the Poconos, including for a job working in human resources at Sanofi.   

“I thought HR was just benefits and payroll – little did I know there was so much about the HR world that I would come to learn,” Strubert shares how human resources opened her eyes to the effect organizational communication has on a company.

In a mere 6 years after graduation, Strubert has gone from a Human Resources Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Associate, and Managing Human Resources Workday Specialist, to the Vaccines Industrial Affairs US Lead at Sanofi Pasteur.

Strubert believes the skills learned at ESU and the mentors she had played a vital role in her success.

“I had a manager who challenged me in the best way. She encouraged me to take part in experiences that made me uncomfortable because she knew I could handle it. In the moment, I knew I may not feel great right now, but I will be better afterwards” Strubert shares.

She encourages students to take risks and be innovative, and to find companies that are aligned with their values. Strubert encourages ESU students to continuously ask themselves, “who are you?”, “where do you want to go?”, and “how are you going to get there?”

Above all else, if there is one piece of advice that Strubert radiates, it is to remain confident within yourself and passionate about your work.

These experiences gave students the opportunity to hear a fellow student share her experiences on the other side of her college career.

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