Go Out and Vote Today

Photo Courtesy / Pixabay

Brian Ellis

Contributing Writer

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice,” said Russian Playwright Anton Chekhov.

We as ESU students need to remember that we have a voice, and it is worth being heard.

There are issues we disagree within our society and we notice the problems.

We complain about the problems, but what do we do to fix them.

As the quote suggests, what’s the point of having knowledge if we are not going to use it?

There is a political movement encouraging people to #staywoke.

This is encouraging people to take the knowledge they possess one step further and turn it into action.

America is dealing with an internal war where the ammunition needed for the war is knowledge, and we all know you cannot win a war unless you take your shot.

Right now, the way you fire your weapon is to go and vote!

Learn what district you live in and what those candidates are promising to fight for.

Also, learn how their interest will help you change the society where you and your loved ones live in.

When you choose to come to ESU, whether you’re a full-time student, part-time student, commuter student or faculty you choose to become a warrior.

Warriors fight for what they believe in, to protect their ideals and beliefs.

To sit idly by while decisions are being made that directly impact your life and how you live would be a great injustice.

So much pain and hardships went into being able to give us this ammunition, it would be a crime to let the sweat and blood of our ancestors go to waist.

So ESU, be the Warriors I know you are and go out to vote on Nov. 9.

Use your ammunition to insight change so that the injustices you see comes closer to a change.

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