Ways to Reduce Under Eye Bags

Licensed by Creative Commons Coconut oil has anti-aging properties that repair the skin.

Charlese Freeman

Student Life Editor

By now, most college students are deep within their academic semesters. With every academic semester comes sleep deprivation and poor diets. These things take a toll on students’ physical appearance.

So what can students do to keep their skin and bodies healthy during such stressful times?

Sleepless nights bring puffy under eye bags and dark circles.

According to timesofindia .com, some simple and cheap remedies students can try are: slices of raw potato, cold milk, vitamin oil or coconut oil, chilled cucumber, chilled tea bags, cold spoons and simple water.

Raw potatoes contain vitamin C that helps replenish the thin skin under the eyes. By chilling the potato, the coldness reduces puffiness and inflammation under the eyes. The potatoes also reduce the appearance of dark circles, giving the eyes a less tired look.

Cold milk contains lactic acid that helps reduce the look of puffiness and darkness. Vitamin oil and coconut oil help with under eye bags because both oils have anti-aging properties that fight and reverse wrinkles.

Chilled cucumbers help reduce water, which relaxes and hydrates the eyes. The chilled caffeinated tea bags contain natural tannins that reduce the puffiness under the eyes.

Cold spoons are another great way to reduce the look of tired eyes. The cold temperature of the spoons reduce the swollen look of the eye and the round shape helps massage and soothe the skin.

The last and one of the most important tips for reducing tired under eye bags is hydration. Dehydration, not only gives the eyes a tired look, but makes the overall skin dull. These remedies can give the eyes an awake radiant glow.

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