Zombie Bites and Human Conflicts Galore

Photo Credit / Paige Moran "Red Hill" is a new take on the struggles humans go through when faced with zombie apocalypse.

Paige Moran 

Staff Writer

One of the only zombie apocalypse books I’ve read is “Red Hill” by Jamie McGuire.

This book follows three characters. The first character is Scarlet. On the way to dropping her daughters off at school, the radio DJ mentioned how a scientist in Switzerland tried to resurrect a corpse.

Her ex-husband, the girls’ father, Andrew, picked them up for school and was going to spend the weekend with him and his newest girlfriend.

Before the end of her shift, she runs into patients who need her. One patient, Dana, has been very ill the past two days. Scarlet sees a perfect bite mark on Dana’s arm.   

Scarlet’s co-worker asks her if she has heard about this flu going around, but Scarlet tells her it’s from the scientist in Europe and it’s very contagious.

Another patient’s finger is bitten off by an animal, and by this time Scarlet’s shift is up and she goes to find another doctor to take over the case.

On her way to find another doctor, she heard at least three code grays, which means a patient turned hostile, called over the intercom. She hands her case over and runs to her car hearing gunshots.

The second character we meet is Nathan and his daughter Zoe.

Nathan hears about the outbreak on his way to pick up his daughter. He rushes to school and then he rushed home hoping they’re not too late.

When they get home, Nathan sees a note Aubrey left. The note says she left, and she is hours away. She never wanted to be a mother, but she knew how much he wanted to be a father.

He puts the thoughts of his wife and her family aside and thinks about how he can protect his daughter. He rushes her to the car as they hear screams and gunshots knowing the disease has made its way to their town.

The last character we meet is Miranda, her sister Ashley, her boyfriend Cooper, and Miranda’s boyfriend Bryce.   

They are stuck in traffic and surrounded by infected people. They witness people being bitten and they knew they had to get out of there.

Eventually, all of these characters meet and try to survive this zombie apocalypse.

This novel would be a perfect read for zombie fans. There was a lot of blood and gore, terror, and of course some romance!

I really enjoyed this novel. I normally don’t like when books are broken up into more than two characters, but they way McGuire did it was flawless and made me want to keep reading.

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