Why Stores Should Close on Holidays

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Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor

Throughout all 365 days in the year, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are guaranteed to be the most common days for shopping.

In fact, these days are reserved for shopping.

Many people become eager to attend the stores and purchase numerous items, leaving the stores with their hands full of shopping bags.

Whether they purchased the items because of price or value, all customers are content by the end of the day. But, have you ever considered the employees?

Generally, stores are crowded with customers during the holidays.

They may be shopping for a family member, a friend or a for themselves.

Whatever their reason may be, the employee is probably not happy.

They must deal with various attitudes, long hours, small paychecks, and more.

It’s not only the customers they deal with, but everyone that tags along with.

Therefore, they may also deal with upset infants and little children. 

Although, the worst part is that they are away from family.

That is difficult and quite harsh.

As customers, we do not realize this, but it’s true.

Employees do not deserve to be taken away from those they love.

Aside from this, employees may not be capable of focusing as well as they could.

Their attention is on their loved ones as well as any poor treatment they receive.

This means higher chances of attitudes and mistakes occurring.

So, employees should be given the day off.

A day off gives employees the chance to relax and recap from their job.

Don’t worry, us customers benefit from this too.

We will be satisfied with our shopping experience and return to the stores for future visits.

Employees will make better profits when customers return.

Closed stores on these days is a win for both the customers and the employees.

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